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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 136: Grammar sticklers: Why so mean?

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I get the e-mail from the correction inbox as part of my job. And the grammar mail … it is mean. Factual corrections are often just fine in terms of tone and helpfulness. Grammar corrections are often not. So what it is about grammar that brings out the meanest in people?

  • Some examples of factual corrections vs. grammar corrections from our inbox
  • Holly’s rage when faced with the nonword “mischevious”
  • Offering helpful advice vs. shaming
  • The importance of grammar vs. the understanding that humans make errors
  • Peer tutoring as a collaboration for better writing
  • The surprisingly large number of adults with low literacy skills in America
  • Your, you’re and yore
  • Spelling and grammar and their importance on résumés
  • The mobile world and its ability to make many errors
  • There, their, they’re
  • Bob the Angry Flower and other things best used as inside jokes among other grammar people
  • Mail about hobbits! And our episode about hobbits. It’s from Jackie.
  • Grammar quiz: Do you know your commas? and 10 Completely Wrong Ways to Use a Comma
  • Episode link: Grammar sticklers: Why so mean?

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Holly’s research:

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