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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 133: Ringing In the New Year with Cocktails

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We’re  not trying to glorify drunkenness here, but it’s New Year’s, which means, for a lot of people, it’s a time for drink. So after a little reminiscing about New Year’s Eves of the past, we look at the history and nomenclature of cocktails.

  • Some favorite cocktails of mine and Holly’s, including bloody Marys, bees’ knees and Holly’s love of vodka
  • Caloric waste in the world of cocktails
  • A brief chronology of cocktails
  • Recipe variations in things like Mai Tais
  • A drink ordering scene in “Home Movies”
  • All the things you can read into a person ordering a Sex on the Beach
  • Bitters as Ny-quil for liquor
  • A “Will & Grace” with hot buttered rum
  • Alcohol as “for medicinal use” in the past
  • Where “signature drinks” came from
  • Prohibition-themed bars
  • Fizzy drinks on New Year’s
  • Happy New Year!
  • Listener mail! It’s a Facebook note from Jokey, who wrote some more about men in early childhood education (Jokey also inspired our occupational segregation podcast).

My research:

  • Gatti, Susan Irvin. Fuzzy Navels and Slippery Nipples: A Sociolinguistic Reading of the Cocktail Menu. The Journal of American Culture. Volume 26, Number 1. March 2003
  • Rooney, John F. “Beer, Bourbon and Boone’s Farm: A Geographical Examination of Alcoholic Drink in the United States.” Volume 11, Issue 4.

Holly’s research:

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