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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 129: The End is Nigh!

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Everybody’s talking about the end of the world. But … yeah not on Friday. Yet there’s so much crazy going on about the Mayan calendar and a potential end of the world. Right now.

  • Holly’s going to do an end-of-the-world 5k
  • End-of-the-world parties
  • Various silly theories about 2012, which aren’t science
  • The necessity of Superman for at least one of these theories
  • The Mayan calendar as a unifying tie to all these crazy theories
  • Odometers and the rolling over thereof
  • Y2K and the hype thereof
  • Various readings of the book of Revelation, and their influence on American culture from its very origins
  • Disaster preparation vs. alarmism
  • Apocalypse and religion
  • The need for extremists to make moderates look totally reasonable
  • How the Mayan calendar frames events
  • Cultural insensitivity inherent in this whole Mayan calendar stuff
  • What happens to believers when the apocalypse doesn’t happen
  • “Fight Club”
  • Zombies
  • John Hodgman’s “That Is All
  • Listener mail! It’s about our episode on gay stereotypes, from Alison
  • Episode link: The end is nigh!

My research:

  • Hill, Harvey et al. “Cults and Sects and Doomsday Groups, Oh My: Media Treatment of Religion on the Eve of the Millennium.” Review of Religious Research. 2001.
  • Mappes, Dr. David. “An Overview and Analysis of Apocalyptic Views Relating to the Year 2012 as the End of the World.” The Journal of Ministry and Theology
  • Schaefer, Nancy A. “Y2K as an Endtime Sign: Apocalypticism in America at the fin-de-millennium.” The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 38, No. 1, 2004.

Holly’s research:

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