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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 122: Turkey Day Dinner and the Culture of Consumption

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We’re super excited about Thanksgiving, because: food. And since every food episode we do gets lots of excited food e-mail, we thought one on Thanksgiving food might be a good plan.

  • Other foodie holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas hams, etc.
  • What people’s favorite food is, according to Gallup: Turkey. Least favorite: Cranberries, which is sad.
  • Some of our own favorites: potato casserole, persimmon pudding and dressing
  • Turkey, big families and all the work involved in making a big Thanksgiving meal
  • A big ol’ paper I read about all the consumption rituals on Thanksgiving, and lots of conclusions from it.
  • SHOCKER: A study says some college students gain weight after Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving sandwiches in restaurants
  • What to do with the leftovers
  • More on cranberry sauce
  • This is where we basically started just naming foods.
  • Then we got a little punchy from talking about food while we were hungry.
  • Listener mail! From Stephanie, who wrote about our coffee episode and Tim Horton’s.
  • Episode link: Will be added later (I wrote the notes before the episode existed, because of Thanksgiving).
  • How Thanksgiving Works

My research:

  • Carroll, Joseph. “Pass the Turkey, Say Americans.” Gallup. Nov. 24, 2004.
  • Hull, Holly R. et al. “The effect of the Thanksgiving Holiday on weight gain.” Nutrition Journal. 2006.
  • Wallendorf, Melanie and Eric J. Arnould. “’We Gather Together’: Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day.” Journal of Consumer Research. Vol. 18. 1991.

Holly’s research:

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