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PopStuff Show Notes: Episode 114: Scary vs. Sexy?

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All the Halloween costumes are “sexy” now. We know: It’s not a new observation. But we’ve made some observations about the trend that we hope are new. Here’s what we talked about:

  • Sexy body bag
  • Boy vs. girl Cookie Monster costumes
  • Sexy Ursula the Sea Witch, available only in small, medium and large (but the same manufacturer makes plus-sized Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas,” who is basically the opposite of a plus-sized character)
  • Disney’s Villains series has Ursula not at all like she appeared in the movie
  • I’m not linking to all these costumes, because … yeah.
  • Sexy Chewbacca
  • Sexy inanimate objects: Sexy Twix Bar, Bag of Skittles, Candy Buttons, Etc.
  • Sexy nonhuman characters: Sexy Nemo and Sexy Bert and Ernie (they are … sort of human … ish.)
  • Sexy male actual people: Sexy Hulk Hogan
  • Sexy things that are children: Sexy Girl Scout? That’s problematic.
  • Sexy things that are already revealing: Sexy Skeleton
  • Sexy children’s toys: Care Bears
  • Sexy produce: Watermelons and bananas
  • Sexy male animals: Roosters
  • Weirdly toned-down versions of innately revealing costumes: Sexy Harem Girl that’s more covered up than
  • Sexy Mr. Potato Head
  • Trends in the model poses on the costume sites
  • Tween girl models who are doing the adult “sexy” ones
  • A Rupaul’s drag race contestant that did a Big Bird dress: A trendsetter in these costumes?
  • “Female” or “dress” versions vs. “sexy” versions, like Dalek dress
  • Cross-gender costuming
  • Lady Jareth the Goblin King costumes
  • Sexy Strawberry Shortcake
  • What we think the actual concern is: The overwhelming offering of “sexy” for women’s costumes – not the fact that they simply exist – and the sexualizing of young girls’ costumes
  • Sexy Brian from Family Guy?
  • Sexy “Dinosaur” that turned out to be Yoshi
  • Inappropriate places to wear sexy costumes
  • Costume contests that value workmanship and whatnot
  • Sexy not actually licensed from Nintendo “Maria” and “Louisa”
  • Gender trends in children’s costumes (although the data is a little old)
  • Handmade costumes vs. store-bought
  • A horrifying costume personifying an eating disorder
  • The Awl’s version of sexy costumes and The Hairpin, which was actually the one with the Sexy Inexplicable Melancholy
  • Listener mail from Stevie, who talks about bras and how hair can mess up your dance turns just like breasts can, as well as corset fitting.
  • Episode link: Scary vs. Sexy?

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