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“Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” to Hit Blu-Ray … Eventually

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I’ve mentioned my strange relationship with blood and guts here before — remember my initial reaction to the “127 Hours” trailer? In that same post, I also mentioned that I absolutely adore the “Kill Bill” movies, which makes no sense because … well, you’ve seen them, right? We’re talking four hours of just about non-stop violence, people! Then again, there’s this, which is arguably the coolest movie entrance ever:

I honestly couldn’t wait for “Kill Bill” to come out back in the summer of 2003 — I’m sure you remember the buildup for director Quentin Tarantino’s big comeback — but I was actually kind of mad by the time “Vol. 1″ came out that fall. Why? Because the studio that produced the film decided to split what had been a magnum opus into two parts, to be released six months apart.  I have no beef with the way the films turned out — in fact, I thoroughly love both for entirely different reasons — but I actually screamed when I saw a story on Ain’t It Cool News that mentioned the upcoming release of “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” on Blu-ray. Could we finally see the original “Kill Bill” saga, as Tarantino filmed it?

Well … not yet. You should’ve seen how fast the grin on my face faded once I realized that the Blu-ray release wasn’t quite as imminent as I’d hoped. (That’s what I get for looking at the headline and heading immediately to Amazon. Oh well.) According to the AICN piece, the complete movie is coming, but no one’s pinned down an exact release date yet. I can deal with that — I’ve waited this long, right? But if this turns out to be a ruse, I’m sending Beatrix Kiddo to somebody’s house. After all, we’ve got some unfinished business here, don’t we?

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