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Will we ever see cars run on nuclear power?

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Will we ever see cars run on nuclear power? — Peter, Calgary, Canada

Marshall Brain Answers:

I’m a big believer in “never say never”, and I have even written an article on nuclear powered cars called How the nCar works (Yes, that was a April Fools article…)

But it seems unlikely that we will ever see a nuclear-powered car. The advantages are huge, as mentioned in the nCar article. A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier or submarine can sail for 20 years before it needs refueling. You would never need to refuel your car.

The problem is that there are two huge problems with a nuclear-powered car: 1) the risk of contamination in an accident and 2) The risk of misuse of the nuclear material. It would be very easy to create a Dirty Bomb if nuclear powered cars are plentiful.

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