I have an old safe with no combination. Is there a way to open this safe?

by | Aug 31, 2009 07:00 AM ET

You Asked:

I have an old safe I found in my parent's attic (they are both deceased now). I have no idea what the combination is. Is there a way to open this safe? --- Jonathan, Portsmouth, NH

Marshall Brain Answered:

You have several different options. You could:

1) Try to contact the manufacturer if the manufacturer is known. The manufacturer will likely have details on the lock mechanism that would prove useful in opening the safe, or may know of easy ways to get into the safe.

2) Contact a locksmith with a specialty in opening safes.

3) Try to open the safe yourself. See How Safecracking Works for an introduction to the topic. See this article for some fascinating specifics: Safecracking for the computer scientist. You can find a fair amount of info like this on Google if you poke around.

See also (not practical, but fun):

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