How is shredded wheat made?

by | Mar 22, 2010 01:00 PM ET

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How is shredded wheat made? --- William, Oglesby, Ill.

Marshall Brain Answers:

The following video talks about corn flakes, but it contains several of the same steps used to make shredded wheat. In the video, watch how they cook the corn, grind the corn and then flake the corn using rollers:

Shredded wheat follows a similar process. The wheat is boiled in a cooker, and then it passed through rollers. But the rollers have grooves (to create the air slots between the threads of wheat). What comes out of the rollers is not flakes but a moist, flexible sheet of shredded wheat. If you stack these sheets on top of each other, you can then cut them into the little squares and get airy pillows. Then you bake the pillows to get rid of the moisture and make them crunchy.

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