How does the Apple iPad work?

by | Dec 1, 2010 05:42 PM ET

You Asked:

How does the Apple iPad work? --- Andrew, Ayden, N.C.

Marshall Brain Answers:

The best way to understand the iPad is to take a look inside. This video disassembles the device (you can fast forward to to 3:30 if you like):

The most obvious thing you see inside are the two big lithium-ion batteries. But the most important thing is the logic board and its A4 chip, which is the microprocessor for this device. The iPad is like any other computer, be it a desktop PC, a laptop or a netbook – it has a microprocessor and its RAM, a video card of sorts to drive the LCD screen, a "hard disk" (in this case made of Flash memory), a power supply (in this case the batteries and their charge controller), and a couple of radios (for WiFi and Bluetooth). Its all been miniaturized and flattened to fit into the very slim case, but it's all there.

When you turn on the iPad, it "boots up" by loading its operating system, which takes control of all of the hardware and delivers the iPad experience on the screen.

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