How do you build an indoor miniature golf course?

by | Oct 25, 2009 10:21 AM ET

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How do you build an indoor miniature golf course? --- Darryl, Columbia, Tenn.

Marshall Brain Answers:

It depends how much time and money you want to invest. In the following video, the simplest indoor miniature golf course has been created. Pieces of hot wheel track and other straight pieces act as the sides. Boxes and other objects act as obstacles. Cups act as the holes;

The next level up would be to make your course out of plywood and lumber. I have seen one of these at a small carnival. There were 2x4s on one side of the plywood to lift the plywood up from the ground (and provide room to put a normal golf hole). 2x2s on top of the plywood created the sides and the obstacles. Holes could be straight, L-shaped or zig-zagged by bolting pieces together. The plywood was covered in Astroturf. They could be unbolted and stacked in a trailier for transport. Here is a photo of a more elaborate plywood indoor course like this:

Indoor miniature golf course

The next level up from that would be to build an indoor course the same way an outdoor course is built, using concrete covered in Astroturf, like this:

Indoor Miniature Golf Courses

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