How do bagged potato chips stay good for so long?

by | Apr 29, 2009 05:00 PM ET

You asked:

How do bagged potato chips stay good for so long? --- Andrew, Brownwood, Texas

Marshall Answered:

Most foods spoil because of bacteria. The idea behind refrigeration is to slow bacteria down, and a freezer stops bacteria completely.

But in order for bacteria to do their thing, they have certain requirements. One of the things bacteria need is water. Most dry foods do not require refrigeration because of the lack of water, including dry sugar, dry flour, dry rice, dry breakfast cereal, dried potato flakes, etc. Vegetable oil does not need refrigeration either.

This is why potato chips stay good for so long. When they make potato chips, the cooking process removes all the water from the potatoes and coats the potatoes in oil. Neither dry potatoes nor oil spoil, so potato chips last a long time without any refrigeration.

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