How can I stop videos from stopping and starting while running?

by | Apr 12, 2009 11:50 PM ET

You Asked:

How can I stop videos from stopping and starting while running? --- Rev. Larry , Muscatine, United Arab Emirates

Marshall Answered:

Let's say that you are watching videos on YouTube or Hulu. These web sites need to send you data at a certain rate. If they cannot, the video will pause so that enough data arrives to continue playing the video. On YouTube you will see a little rotating icon that tells you to wait. On Hulu you will see the word "Buffering" appear. These stops and starts can be annoying.

Some services like NetFlix may test your connection and downgrade the data rate in an attempt to lessen the problem. But that only goes so far, and you may still have problems with pausing.

The ultimate solution to this problem is to get a better/faster Internet connection. But if you cannot do that, then your solution is to wait. On YouTube and NetFlix (and many other video services), if you let the window sit there for 5 of 10 minutes, the video player will absorb and store the data on your machine. Then you can play through that data without any interruptions. Some services let you download videos instead of streaming them. That is another solution (especially on long videos), because you can wait for several hours for the download to complete and then watch without interruption. For more info see: How YouTube Works.

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