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Do home ultrasonic pest repeller outlet plug-ins really work?

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You Asked:

Do home ultrasonic pest repeller outlet plug-ins really work? — Hebert, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Marshall Brain Answers:

In a word, No. Ultrasonic pest repellers do nothing. Which is amazing since you see these things being sold everywhere. They are supposed to eliminate roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, rats, etc. Here is a typical ad:

The Federal Trade Commission has declared the devices useless:

FTC Alleges Electronic Mosquito Repellent Claims Are False; Sellers Also Lack Evidence For Ultrasonic Pest-Control and Air Cleaning Product Claims

Here is another article debunking these devices:

Do ultrasonic bug repellers work?

It would be great if they did work. Everyone would like to have a simple, carefree device that would eliminate spiders from the garage and roaches from the kitchen. But such a device does not currently exist.


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