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Can you really go blind from sitting too close to the TV?

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You Asked:
Can you really go blind from sitting too close to the TV? — Myndi, Painted Post, N.Y.

Marshall Answered:
It is possible to go blind by staring at the sun, as described in these two posts:
1) What happens when we stare at the sun?
2) Why doesn’t it hurt to look at the sun during a sunrise/sunset?

Staring at your TV or computer screen is not going to make you go blind. But it can make your eyes hurt, and in some people it seems to cause myopia. The problem occurs because you are asking the muscles in your eye to focus on something nearby for an extended period of time. For a nice explanation see: Sitting Too Close to the Computer Screen Can Make You Go Blind.

The solution is to sit further away from the screen and to stop staring at it. Take a break every 15 minutes and look somewhere else, or stand up to stretch. Your entire body will feel better.


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