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How to Find Edible Mushrooms

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Collecting wild mushrooms is something I would have to be really, really hard-pressed to undertake. I mean, it would have to be like apocalypse bad, because I think cooked mushrooms taste like slimy rubber — and I don’t even want to think of the musty horror they appear to be when raw. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find the exploits of the many mushroom hunters of the world uninteresting. I applaud their foreign combination of unfathomable appetite and culinary bravery, even if I don’t plan on visiting them for a meal.

Finding edible mushrooms is possible, but since finding mushrooms that are mildly to fatally toxic is also possible, you have to exercise some caution. For starters, it’s best to stick to mushrooms that aren’t similar in appearance to any dangerous ones (you can find some examples here) although that doesn’t guarantee you won’t end up stumbling across a look-like that doesn’t taste so hot. Keep in mind too, some mushrooms that are deemed “safe” may cause slight reactions in some people.

Until you become an expert at spotting mushrooms it’s all right to munch on, always consult an expert (like the folks at your local extension office) before you eat a new find. You need to take care while collecting so they have enough info. If you aren’t sure what kind of mushroom you’ve got, toss it out. Not worth the risk… Same with mushrooms that have begun to rot. Also, if do get your hand on an edible mushroom, just eat a small amount at first, to test whether you’ll have an allergic reaction.

Well good luck, Mushroom hunters! Just remember to always exercise caution as you search for your disgusting dinners — I want you to be able to follow us on How-to Stuff on Facebook and Twitter, after all!

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