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You asked: Why can a 5 foot 8 inch man dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim while some people of taller stature can’t? What accounts for the ability to jump so high? Marshall Brain Answered: There are three things that allow a person to dunk a ball: 1) Light weight – no fat. […]

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You asked: What happens to our sun once it runs out of fuel? Marshall Brain answers: Our sun is a giant fusion reactor floating in space. It is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. In the sun’s core, hydrogen is fusing to form helium. Those fusion reactions produce the light and warmth that earth receives […]

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You asked: How do we know the age of the universe? Marshall Brain Answered: Scientists currently estimate the age of the universe to be 13.75 billion years old. This is the number of years that have elapsed since the Big Bang. But how do they determine that number? They do not use a single technique. […]

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You asked: How fast is the fastest microprocessor chip, now and in the future? Marshall Brain answers: Today, in 2011, the fastest microprocessor chips that are commercially available to “normal people” are the six-core hyperthreaded chips from Intel. These chips run at approximately 3.3 gigahertz and each core can execute two threads. If everything is […]

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You asked: Is it possible to turn Mars into another Earth? Marshall Brain answers: The process of turning mars into an earth-like planet is called terraforming. However, Mars could ever be exactly like earth. To turn Mars into another earth it needs: – More gravity – More water – More atmosphere – Higher temperatures – […]

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USB 3.0 is definitely faster at the as-designed level. USB 1.0 maxes out at 12 megabits per second (mbps). USB 2.0 is good for 480 mbps. And USB 3.0 can go as fast as 5,000 mbps. That means that you might expect a USB 3.0 external hard disk drive to transfer data 10 times faster […]

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You asked: Will humans ever be able to directly control machines with their brains? Marshall Brain answers: Imagine sitting down at your computer, and you don’t need to touch anything to control it. There is no keyboard or mouse because you tell the computer what to do with your mind. The same would be true […]

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You asked: Is it possible to blow your nose so hard your brain bursts? — Zack (via Facebook) Marshall Brain answers: Can you blow your nose so hard your brain bursts? Probably not. But why not? First, you have this muscle below your lungs called the diaphragm, and it really can’t create very much pressure. […]

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You Asked: How will graphene change the world? Marshall Brain Answered: Graphene is a very simple substance – it is made of carbon atoms perfectly arranged as an atom-thick mesh. Think about a net made of carbon atoms, each bonded to its three nearest neighbors to form a honeycomb pattern. You can see the atomic […]

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How do dog whistles work? — David, Pomonapark, Fla.

Marshall Brain Answers…

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