Weird motorcycles

by | Jul 2, 2008 12:08 AM ET

Let's say that you happen to have 24 chainsaw engines laying around. What better way to use them than to gang them together and attach them to a motorcycle frame? No word on performance:

Or you could double the number of cylinders, put them into a big engine block and create a 48 cylinder engine on a motorcycle:

On the slightly more practical side, you could take a radial engine like you might find on an airplane and wrap a motorcycle around it:

More on the radial engine bike: JRL Cycles

A 929 with a turbo means 380 HP:

Then there are one wheel motorcycles. One big wheel:

Smaller monowheel:

The Embrio unicycle motorcycle:

And finally, no list like this would be complete without the Dodge Tomahawk:

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