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Watch iPad/iPhone/Touch videos and photos instantly on your HDTV – Playing with iOS 4.2 and AirPlay

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Apple is promoting its new AirPlay feature in iOS 4.2. You need to buy an Apple TV box to do this, but assuming you do that then it gives you an easy way to do three things:

  • If you have a video on your iPad/iPhone/Touch, you can instantly watch it on your HDTV
  • If you have photos on your iPad/iPhone/Touch, you can instantly view them on your HDTV
  • If you have music on your iPad/iPhone/Touch, you can play it through your Apple TV speakers, through speakers connected to an AirPort express, or new AirPlay-enabled speakers. If you have Pandora running, it can stream out to your speakers too.

It all happens using your wifi network.

Here’s a demo from Apple:

Two more demos:

You can buy an Apple TV box here for $99. Then you download iOS 4.2 onto your iPad/iPhone/Touch device as it becomes available. Then you set everything up through your wifi network and you are set.

This seems a little more convenient, and more universal, than the PC equivalent as shown here:

Invention – Intel Wireless Display technology lets you instantly connect a laptop to a large screen

Plus you don’t need to buy a new laptop to make it work on the Apple side.

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