The Jerusalem UFO at Dome Of The Rock on January 28, 2011

by | Jan 31, 2011 07:05 AM ET

This will be fun to watch this week if news organizations pick it up. Over the weekend, three videos popped up on YouTube. They claim to show a UFO - in the form of a glowing orb - that appears over the Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem on January 28, 2011. This is the location:


This is the first video:

This is the second video, supposedly taken from a cell-phone camera held by a man seen in the first video:

Jerusalem UFO, Two Videos Synchronized:

And this is the third video, supposedly from an unrelated group of American Tourists from a different vantage point:

Update - February 2:

A fourth video has appeared:

Slowed down version of the first video:

This page offers some details:

Two witnesses who happened to be at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel at 1am managed to film what might be one of the most interesting UFO clips ever captured... One of the witnesses, Mr Eli Gael...

A first attempt at demonstrating that it is a hoax:

From the video's description:

This is a stabilized version of the Temple Mount UFO video. The brightness and contrast have also been increased. This video highlights a major flaw of perspective, and proves it is fake...

A second attempt:

A third attempt:

A fourth attempt:

From the video's description:

This is the "second view" of the fake UFO, which is motion tracked. If you watch the UFO in the beginning of the video, it is bouncing around like crazy. I think they had tracking issues when compositing the UFO into the scene.

A fifth attempt:

Part of a larger trend? It appears that a UFO was seen over Utah about the same time:

Other sightings:

UPDATE February 4:

The ITN News Service picked up the Jerusalem UFO as a news story:

The third video has been thoroughly debunked after its background image was shown to be part of Wikipedia's collection:

Jerusalem Night 7088

A 3-way synchronization:

Problems in the sound:

This is a debunking of a debunking:

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