Test - How useful would you be if you time-traveled 2,000 years back in time?

by | Oct 9, 2009 10:00 AM ET

This is a fantastic test for HowStuffWorks readers. It is a quick technological quiz based on this premise:

If you were to travel 2000 years into the past, how useful would you be in jumpstarting technological advancements? This 10 question quiz will help you figure out your technological usefulness. If you do poorly on the quiz, as most people likely will, then just let that inspire you to study up more on how things work and where raw materials come from.

Here's the quiz:

How Useful Are You? Take This Technology Quiz

Write down your answers as you take the test. It will make things easier at the end if you get any wrong.

Need to study up?

1) How Iron and Steel Work

2) How Steam Engines Work

3) How Refrigerators Work

4) How Rubber Works

5) How Atoms Work

6) How Light Bulbs Work

7) How Airplanes Work

8 ) Where does cement for concrete come from?

9) How Electric Motors Work

10) How Aluminum Works

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