Public Service Announcement - You can cut your food bill in half by buying at a warehouse club

by | Dec 21, 2009 12:00 PM ET

This article points out that, by buying food at a warehouse club like BJ's, Costco or Sam's Club, you can cut your food bill in half compared to a normal grocery store:

Warehouse club vs. grocery store

At BJ's Wholesale Club in Cary, sugar, brown sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, eggs, chocolate chips, walnuts and pecan halves would cost me $63.41. For the same quantities, I would spend almost twice as much at Lowes Foods: $124.94.

Some recent prices at BJ's:

- 3 pounds of bananas: $1.39

- 2 pounds romaine lettuce (lettuce-in-a-bag): $3.99

- Gallon of milk: $2.29

- 6 pound (party size) Stouffer's lasagna: $9.39 normally, $ 7.39 this week

- Eggland eggs 18-count: $3.29

- 3 pounds Shelled walnuts: $10.99

- 40 ounces Head & Shoulders: $5.99

A Super Wal-Mart is going to be close to that, sometimes better. The point is that "normal" grocery stores can be expensive by comparison.

More info on warehouse shopping:

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