Photos - Inside an oil tanker

by | Jun 17, 2008 12:01 AM ET

An oil tanker comes in for repairs and a photographer gets to take photos:

Life on a supertanker

From the article:

"The Nile" was the name of the 300,000 tonne oil carrying supertanker where I spent a morning. Although operated by only 27 crew when at sea, there were hundreds on board at the time performing repairs, maintenance, cleaning and the like. The length of the ship is around 300m long (think Eiffel tower, laid down on its side - about the same length), and when coming into dock, it takes literally miles to stop.
The cargo it carries is crude oil. Up to 9,000 cubic metres of it. Not sure I ever imagined what a cargo hold made to hold that much oil looks like when it's empty and cleaned, but when I saw it, it was still unimaginable. Like the inside of a cathedral...

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