Interesting Reading #675- Facebook causes unhappiness? Dr. Snake-Bot, twentyfold Internet increase, Laptop failure rates and much more!

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Facebook May Lead to Unhappiness - "New research finds social media may lead to unhappiness...."

New hybrid airships prepare to take flight - "A new breed of hybrid airships are preparing to take off raising hopes that a 21st century fleet can finally succeed the zeppelins of yesteryear...."

Here for Your Heart Surgery? Come Meet Dr. Snake-Bot - "Inspired by the snake's streamlined body and flexible spine, engineers are building robots that can slither into places too tight or dangerous for people to enter. Such devices have shown some promise for search-and-rescue operations, but Howie Choset, a roboticist at Carnegie Mellon University, is taking them to a more intimate location: straight to the human heart...."

After Egypt, Will U.S. Get 'Internet Kill Switch'? - "With reports of Egypt's government completing shutting down the Internet in the country, talk about an "Internet kill switch" bill in the U.S. has reemerged. Could it happen here?" See also: Why the Internet Kill Switch is a Really, REALLY Bad Idea

Automakers Show Interest in an Unusual Engine Design - "An engine development company called the Scuderi Group recently announced progress in its effort to build an engine that can reduce fuel consumption by 25 to 36 percent compared to a conventional design. Such an improvement would be roughly equal to a 50 percent increase in fuel economy...."

European Internet traffic to increase twentyfold by 2015 - "As HD video enabled mobile devices, Internet televisions and set-top TV streaming boxes fly off the shelves, Internet traffic is doubling yearly. Data traffic is expected to increase twentyfold by 2015...."

Does 3DTV hurt our brains? - "Another report by DisplaySearch noted that 2010 was a dud in terms of sales with 3.2m sets shipping but the company said that figure will rise to nearly 18m for 2011...."

CES '11: Japan's Laser 3D Image Display

Hologram welcomes Manchester Airport passengers - "Manchester Airport has become the first in the UK to introduce a pair of virtual guards to its security team..."

To avert Internet crisis, the IPv6 scramble begins - "Remember Y2K? The Internet today is facing a similarly big problem all over again, but nobody knew exactly when it would hit--until now. The problem is the day the conventional Internet runs out of room for new computers because the world has used up the supply of Internet addresses that computers need to communicate over the Net...."

U of M computer science researchers provide insight into the future of how we understand social networking - "The rise of social media has allowed people to connect and re-connect with friends, colleagues and family from across the world. A new paper by University of Minnesota computer scientists in the College of Science and Engineering provides insights into how the analysis of our social networking interactions could discover things like the emergence or decline of leadership, changes in trust over time, and migration and mobility within particular communities online...."

Scripps Research Scientists Convert Skin Cells to Beating Heart Cells - "Scripps Research Institute scientists have converted adult skin cells directly into beating heart cells efficiently without having to first go through the laborious process of generating embryonic-like stem cells. The powerful general technology platform could lead to new treatments for a range of diseases and injuries involving cell loss or damage, such as heart disease, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease...."

Google Cracks Down on Spammers and Scrapers - "Spammers and scrapers of the world beware. In a move that internet content creators have been dreaming about for years, web search giant Google has moved to crack down on spammy and derivative content that has been largely copied from other sources on the web and which somehow manages to bubble higher in results than the original..."

URWERK Watch concept

Impressive art, thats only purpose it to hold itself up.

Spying On Surfing: Why We Need a "Do Not Track" List - "The new model of Internet advertising scares the heck out of us. It's called behavioral targeting. What that amounts to, in a nutshell, is following you around the web from site to site recording your movements and using that record to sell you personalized ads. All those ads that pop up on the side of articles on your favorite websites like or are often not provided by those sites, they are from third parties that you've never heard of, with names like Lotame Solutions Inc. Using a variety of techniques, those companies are tracking where you go throughout the web...."

Hovering Solar, a new and revolution solar technology!

South Carolina scientist works to grow meat in lab - " In a small laboratory on an upper floor of the basic science building at the Medical University of South Carolina, Vladimir Mironov, M.D., Ph.D., has been working for a decade to grow meat. A developmental biologist and tissue engineer, Dr. Mironov, 56, is one of only a few scientists worldwide involved in bioengineering "cultured" meat...."

Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction by 700,000 Years, Fossil Find Suggests - "niversity of Alberta researchers determined that a fossilized dinosaur bone found in New Mexico confounds the long established paradigm that the age of dinosaurs ended between 65.5 and 66 million years ago...."

12 (Hi-Tech) Items That Will Be Cheaper This Year - "From, an aggregator of coupons and discounts on products across the Internet — it's slogan is "where every day is Black Friday" — put out a chart listing the dozen electronics items that it predicts will drop in price (and by how much) this year. As its authors point out, when it comes to buying hi-tech gear, waiting is the best policy — if you want a bargain. Oh that the same was true of essentials like gas, electricity, coffee and milk. The prices were taken verified deals previously listed on the website...."

Latest GRACE data: record ice loss in 2010 - "The GRACE satellites continue to measure the change in gravity around the Greenland ice sheet. Here is the latest data showing the record amount of ice loss Greenland experienced in the 2010 summer. H/T to Tenney Naumer from Climate Change: The Next Generation and Dr John Wahr at the University of Colorado who analysed the GRACE data and granted permission to reproduce it here. ..."

Obama's Sputnik Moment - "On Tuesday President Obama said we were entering "our generation's Sputnik moment""

100,000-year-old human settlement in U.A.E. overturns what we know of our evolution - "Human artifacts recently discovered in the United Arab Emirates date back at least 100,000 years, which means our ancestors might have left Africa up to 125,000 years ago...twice as long ago as previously thought. What's going on here?"

The making of an angular unconformity: Hutton's unconformity at Siccar Point - "As you travel south along the North Sea coast between Edinburgh and the border with England, there is a dramatic change in the rocks exposed in the cliffs. Closer to Edinburgh, you encounter slightly tilted red sandstones of the rather prosaically named Old Red Sandstone formation, which are Devonian in age – around 350-400 million years old. The picture below is the northern end of Pease Bay, about 30 miles from Edinburgh...."

HD FPV - "Hunting Hydrogen Ballons with Fireworks"

MIT unveils fastest 3-D holographic video to date - "Researchers from MIT have unveiled the fastest 3-D holographic video to date, filming a graduate student dressed as Princess Leia and projecting her as a postcard-sized hologram in real time...."

Cash strapped school district seeks money through cell phone tower - "The Madison School District is considering plans to build a cell phone tower near one of its schools on the north side, and they'll likely make some cash out of the deal. The question on parents minds is whether the cash is worth the potential safety risk...."

Businesses to Facebook: Where are you taking Facebook Places? - "Facebook Places remains promising. It allows Facebook users to ‘check in' to local destinations on Facebook and it allows businesses to reward Facebook visitors with discounts, coupons and freebies...."

1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years - "SquareTrade analyzed failure rates for over 30,000 new laptop computers covered by SquareTrade Laptop Warranty plans and found that one-third of all laptops will fail within 3 years...."

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