Interesting Reading #666 - iPad 2, Google Speedbook, Immortality, better batteries, Better grapes and much more!

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iPad 2 Likely to Have 2048x1536 Screen Resolution - "There's been a lot of talk about a "Retina" display for the next generation iPad due from Apple in the coming months, but it hasn't been completely clear what resolution the iPad's "Retina" display would be. Based on Apple's marketing efforts for the original "Retina" display, it would suggest a DPI (dots per inch) greater than 300 to exceed the abilities of the human eye...."

Google Speedbook, the HTC Chrome Tablet - "Quite interesting, but the time will tell. So what is it exactly? Considering that Google isn't making a Google Nexus Two, and given the fact that we already know HTC is building a Chrome-based tablet for Mountain View, then we can only assume the Speedbook is that particular tablet...."

RIM, Moto tablet ship total to hit 2m in Q1 - "RIM will be shipping more than a million BlackBerry PlayBook tablets during the firs three months of 2011 as the battle to beat Apple's iPad - or at least grab a chunk of the emerging media slate maket - begins in earnest...."

Steve Jobs To Take ‘Medical Leave Of Absence', Stays On As CEO - "Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just announced that he is taking a medical leave of absence according to a release issued by the company today. Here's the email memo Jobs sent to Apple employees today...."

Tablets Galore This Year; Which One Will be Yours? - "The Apple iPad is the tablet that is currently ruling the slate market and all expectations are that the next generation iPad will be unveiled sometime in the near future. But it appears that this year will be a most difficult year for Apple's greatest device to succeed in reaching the topmost position on the market. For, the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas witnessed the unveiling of almost all the iPad rivals that will be fighting it out in the market this year...."

We Live in the Future - "Imagine it's 1995: almost no one but Gordon Gekko and Zack Morris have cellphones, pagers are the norm; dial-up modems screech and scream to connect you an internet without Google, Facebook, or YouTube; Dolly has not yet been cloned; the first Playstation is the cutting edge in gaming technology; the Human Genome Project is creeping along; Mir is still in space; MTV still plays music; Forrest Gump wins an academy award and Pixar releases their first feature film, Toy Story. Now take that mindset and pretend you're reading the first page of a new sci-fi novel..."

“None of your business” - "In 2004 the Annals of Thoracic Surgery published a study comparing two heart drugs. This week it was retracted. Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus are two geeks who set up a website called RetractionWatch because it was clear that retractions are often handled badly: they contacted the editor of ATS, Dr L Henry Edmunds Jr, MD to find out why the paper was retracted. “It's none of your damn business,” replied Dr Edmunds, before railing against “journalists and bloggists”. The retraction notice is merely there “to inform our readers that the article is retracted”. “If you get divorced from your wife, the public doesn't need to know the details”..."

Smart Meters, Dumb Backlash - "Smart meters can save energy and money and prevent blackouts. So why did the residents of Bakersfield, California hate them so much?"

With Stuxnet, Did The U.S. And Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era? - "Remember the years-long controversy about whether the U.S. or the Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear program? It appears they just did — virtually. And if they did, they also may have expanded our sense of how nations wage war in cyberspace...."

3D No glasses by Jonathan Post (or how to get 2 million hits in 3 days)

Swiss whistleblower hands bank data to WikiLeaks - "A former Swiss private banker handed over data on hundreds of offshore bank account holders to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at a news conference on Monday...."

GM To Build On U.S. Lab's EV Battery - "More power and faster charges – that's the promise held out with a composite cathode material for advanced lithium-ion batteries. The U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory developed the material, and now GM is moving to take wider advantage of it, entering into a broad licensing agreement with the lab...."

The 6 Most Insane Cities Ever Planned - "Cities are all pretty much the same -- just sprawling environments spiraling outward from a central hub with no particular plan or theme to speak of. But if any of these designers had had his way, every city would be a bizarre, science fiction-esque place full of strange sights, wondrous inventions and occasionally, people-movers slick with vomit..."

US-China summit: keep your "frenemies" close - "Are the United States and China friends? Enemies? Partners? Rivals? Ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's trip to the United States this week, observers are struggling to define a thorny relationship that increasingly defies characterization...."

5 Ways Science Could Make Us Immortal - "We'll take back every bad thing we've ever said about science if it will just make us immortal. That doesn't seem like too much to ask. The thing is, it might be closer than we think. There are a lot of different ways to keep a human body and mind going long after its expiration date, and experiments are ongoing. The most promising techniques involve ..."

Mothers admit to parenting lies, Netmums survey says - "Many mothers are under so much pressure to appear like perfect parents that they cover up how much television their children watch or what they cook their families, according to a survey...."

How Facebook Ships Code - "I'm fascinated by the way Facebook operates. It's a very unique environment, not easily replicated (nor would their system work for all companies, even if they tried). These are notes gathered from talking with many friends at Facebook about how the company develops and releases software...."

The new moon rover

Heaven and hell for video games

Lead thieves use Google Earth to target churches - "Thieves in Britain are using Google Earth to target lead roofs on Church of England buildings to sell on the lucrative metals market, a Church spokesman said...."

Cell Phone Holdouts Are Right: Buy a Phone, Become a Baby - "Cell phones turn adults into babies, constantly needing contact with their spouses, friends and children. In fact, it's possible that children in a cell-connected world make out worst of all. This morning, not five minutes after I'd left for work, my 11-year-old called from the kitchen to ask if he could have banana bread for breakfast...."

How liquids behave - "In a finding that has been met with surprise and some controversy in the scientific community, researchers at MIT and elsewhere have discovered a basic property that governs the way water and many other liquids behave as their temperature changes...."

10 mistakes that rookie IT consultants make - "IT consulting is a difficult, complex industry. I've seen numerous competitors enter the market, only to fail. Everyone from large electronic chains (does anyone remember CompUSA's business consulting effort or Circuit City's Firedog initiative?) to local independents have come and gone. Despite frighteningly large marketing budgets (including symposium sponsorships, television commercials, and print advertising), complex marketing strategies, splashy fleet vehicles, and eerie team-building propaganda, competitors often fail within just months...."

New grapes needed to keep wine flowing - "The future of wine-making depends on developing new varieties of grape, scientists say - and maps of the grape genome can help provide them...."

Jesus of Wikipedia - "Using Christ's page as a guide to the online encyclopedia's ten-year history...."

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