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4 Things We Know About The iPhone Mobile Hotspot Feature - "The update was first hinted at during some hands-on time with the new iPhone 4. It was discovered to be running on iOS 4.2.5 (current iPhones run on iOS 4.2.1). So it was possible that a future update was in the works and could provide users with the same type of mobile hotspot we saw yesterday with the Verizon iPhone...."

Exclusive: Apple will remove home button on next iPad and iPhone; Photo Booth and iLife coming? - "We just got some pretty wild information from one of our Apple sources and while it's hard to believe at first, it does make sense. We have exclusively been told that the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will be losing the home button. Yes, we are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPad's design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher..."

Google Android Is An Unstoppable Beast, And The Verizon iPhone Won't Change That - "The tech buzz about Apple's new Verizon iPhone misses the point. While it would have snuffed the Android a year ago, Dan Lyons reports, Google's device has become an unstoppable juggernaut...."

Net Neutrality

Yes, It Happens: Paramedics Race to Boy, Tongue Frozen to Stop Sign Pole - "Now we see that life has imitated art with the story of the eight year old from Oklahoma who found himself frozen stuck after he was dared to lick a stop sign pole..."

XWave for iPhone lets you read your own mind - "A new application for the iPhone, the XWave, lets you read your own mind via a headset clamped to your head and connected to the phone's audio jack...."

Infographic: Get Ready for LTE - "The next generation of wireless network is coming, and it will be fast. We've been excited about Long Term Evolution networks and their speed gains for years, and they are finally rolling out in the U.S. in a big way this year thanks to Verizon Wireless and AT&T. For more on the technology, what is does and how it will affect you, check out our handy infographic...."

What's the Difference Between AT&T and Verizon's 3G Networks? - "To answer your questions, we wrote a short guide on the subject of CDMA, UMTS and the differences between AT&T and Verizon's 3G networks..."

2011 Chevrolet Volt: What Do Owners Think, A Few Weeks In? - "Much of 2010 was spent learning more and more details about Chevrolet's exciting new range-extended electric car, the Volt. Towards the end of the year our colleagues at GreenCarReports finally got to drive the vehicle, and more recently the first owners have taken delivery...."

The Great Recession - Unemployment by the numbers

FedEx vs UPS: By the Numbers

Internet 2010 in numbers

Shanghai's Impossibly Overloaded Bikes! - "However, in between these polished golden skyscrapers and beneath the looming financial might are the people who keep the cities ticking, the average citizens who provide the work – and oil the gears of the newest kid on the superpower block. Because of the population density and its associated issues, the citizens of China's most populous city, Shanghai, have developed their own means of ensuring progress. Here is a glimpse at some of the most innovative means used...."

Tianjin Eco City is a Futuristic Green Landscape for 350,000 Residents - "Tianjin Eco-City is a fascinating, 30 square kilometer development designed to showcase the hottest new green technologies and to serve as a model for future developing Chinese cities. Designed by Surbana Urban Planning Group, the city is being built just 10 minutes away from the business parks at the Tianjin Economic-Development Area..."

IBM, Samsung Team On Next Gen Semiconductors - "The two tech giants say they will jointly develop new semiconductor process technology that can be used in a broad range of applications including smartphone handsets. The Albany, N.Y. Nanotech Complex is the official site of this collaboration between Samsung's and IBM's scientists. The joint team will be looking for new materials and transistor structures, as well as innovative interconnect and packaging solutions for next-generation technology nodes...."

The Digitized Life of John F. Kennedy - "The Archive contains 200,000 scanned document, 1,245 recordings of telephone conversations and speeches, 72 reels of movies, and 1,500 photos. It's the country's largest digital presidential collection, and opens up the details of the life of the former President to a wider audience than could ever touch the physical collection. It's available at"

The Greatest Scam in Tech - "The Greatest Scam in TechIn the tech world, a few questions are usually enough. Does the product work? Is the idea good? How much does it cost? But as Peep Telephony reminds us, there's a fourth, all-important qualification: Is it real?"

What happens when your game's physics model does not properly account for friction?

IBM's Jeopardy supercomputer beats humans in practice bout - "So who won the "Jeopardy!" practice run?! Watson won! Too bad, humans! In a 15-question round, Watson fielded about half of the questions -- and got none wrong. The computer netted $4,400, nearly quadrupling Rutter's score and beating Jennings by $1,000...."

Funny “Alternate Ending” to RETURN OF THE JEDI - "Return of the Jedi could have been a much darker movie. No, I'm not talking about killing off Han Solo or Luke walking off alone like a wandering samurai. I'm saying it's a good thing the rebels calculated the blast radius of destroying the second Death Star. Otherwise, teddy bear celebration would have been replaced with awkward-yet-glorious silence...."

Patriot Act up for renewal and no one notices - "On January 5th, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) introduced a bill to add yet another year to the soon to be expiring Patriot Act. This would extend it until February of 2012, and passage is likely to happen with little debate or contention."

Swine flu gives its survivors supercharged immunity - "Swine flu gives its survivors supercharged immunity The swine flu pandemic of 2009 was one of the worst flu scares in recent memory, even if its actual effects ended up being relatively moderate. Now something unambiguously good could come of all this: a universal flu vaccine...."

TECS - The most amazing CS course I have seen! - "In a single semester, students doing this course will build, starting from a primitive NAND gate, a set of more complex logic circuits (multi-way multi-bit mux/demux, registers, counters, a simple ALU, RAM) culminating in a simple 16 bit processor. A hardware simulator and a simple Hardware Description Language is used to build the processor. The course doesn't end here - the students will next build an assembler which translates the assembly code of the processor into machine code, a Virtual Machine, a compiler for an object based language, and a simple Operating System! A single hands-on course like this will give students the kind of real understanding which semester upon semester of "theory cram" will never achieve! "

Einstein in your engine - "Cars start thanks to Einstein's principle of relativity. That's the peculiar conclusion of new calculations by Rajeev Ahuja of Uppsala University in Sweden and his coworkers, who have looked at how relativistic effects on electron energies in lead atoms affect the voltage of the lead-acid battery, the standard electrical power source in cars. They find that these contribute around 80-85 per cent of the electrical potential of about 2.1V developed by such batteries...."

Weak nuclear force is less weak - "The force that governs some of the reactions that keep our sun shining is not quite as weak as scientists had previously thought. As a consequence, our estimation of how energetic the sun actually is just went up by a tiny amount...."

Earbuds Beat Depression by Shining Lights Into Your Brain - "The concept for the Valkee sounds like the worst kind of snake-oil: It's a little box that combats the dark blues of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with bright lights. Nothing new there, except it shines the lights into your head through your ears...."

Universe captured in mind-boggling detail by Sloan Digital Sky Survey - "It is the culmination of a decade spent scanning the night skies and would take half a million high-definition televisions to view at its full resolution. With more than a trillion pixels, this is the most detailed digital picture of the universe ever produced...."

OCZ quits DRAM business to focus on super-speedy SSDs - "OCZ, a company that started life a decade ago by churning out DRAM modules for enthusiasts to throw into their towering rigs, has now announced it's abandoning that market entirely. As PC Perspective points out, it's grown increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate their products when it comes to memory -- most of it just works and most of it is pretty fast -- and continually declining prices have apparently forced OCZ's hand. The San Jose-based company's new primary breadwinner will be solid state drives... "

Google's H.264 decision: It's all about YouTube costs - "Everyone wants to boil down Google's decision to remove H.264 support from Chrome to be a religious one. To me, it's obviously infrastructure-related...."

Google offers $50,000 prize in search for young Einsteins - "Future Einsteins of the world, Google needs you. The California internet giant already has a reputation for progressive employment policies with its bean-bag culture, lava-lamp filled offices and insistence that engineers spend 20 per cent of their year working on something that interests them personally...."

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