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Chinese Chip Closes In on Intel, AMD - "At this year's Hot Chips conference at Stanford University, Weiwu Hu, the lead architect of the "national processor" of China, revealed three new chip designs. One of them could enable China to build a homegrown supercomputer to rank in a prestigious list of the world's fastest machines..."

3 Hybrids By Porsche Tailored To the Task - "A number of alternatives to the parallel hybrid layout used by cars like the Toyota Prius — something of a de facto standard for blending the power of a gasoline engine with the boost from electric motors — have popped up from competing carmakers in recent weeks. ..."

Nye takes Armstrong to the moon - "Bill Nye, the eponymous "Science Guy," defended President Obama's space plan on Friday as he assailed critics like Neil Armstrong for not "paying attention to what's going on.".."

Nissan Leaf Road Test Shows 186km On Full Charge With A/C On - "Over the years we have learned never to set the manufacturer's estimated economy figures into stone. However in the case of the electric Nissan Leaf, the numbers are quite close..." See also: Nissan Leaf goes 116.1 miles in first anecdotal test, with the air conditioning on

Futuristic Nissan iV Electric Car Revealed - "The iV looks to nature for it's beautiful marriage of form and function. It features a super-lightweight construction that showcases "organic synthetics" and an interwoven organic frame supported by a chassis based on fast-growing ivy and reinforced with spider silk composite...."

The definitive BGR guide to Windows Phone 7 hardware - "Are you still reeling from last week's Windows Phone 7 press event? Ballmer and Co. announced a staggering 10 handsets (and counting) right out of the gate, sporting their latest mobile OS. HTC, Samsung, Dell, LG among others, have pledged their alliance and announced handsets that will grace the world's stage over the coming months. We have simplified things for our discerning readers, hit the jump for BGR's definitive guide to Windows Phone 7 hardware...."

Three major networks block Google TV - "The three major broadcast networks, uneasy about viewers bypassing cable and satellite providers -- and the networks' own websites -- to watch their TV shows, have begun blocking a new service from Google Inc. that is designed to make it easy for people to watch programming online..."

These Gears Really Work?

Brain Beauty Contest - "Computer modelers compete to show neurosurgeons the best path to the tumor..."

One Billion Gallons of Water Found in One Crater of the Moon - "But after a year of analysis NASA today announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of water ice in the floor of a permanently-shadowed crater near the moon's south pole...."

The best options for flying to faraway stars - "Just last month, scientists announced the discovery of the first possibly habitable planet, orbiting a star 20 light-years from Earth. That's relatively close in astronomical terms, but beyond today's reach...."

Birth of a chicken step by step

DeviantArt Muro

Study: Magnetic Waves Alter Moral Compass - "MIT Researchers Find That Magnetic Pulses Directed at Brain Change People's Ability to Tell Right from Wrong..."

Bees' tiny brains beat computers, study finds - "Bees can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days, research has shown.."

Energy crisis: why bacteria can't build complex cells - "There are some major evolutionary jumps that seem to have occurred only once. Eukaryotic cells contain membrane-enclosed structures to perform different functions, and they comprise all forms of multicellular life on Earth. They arose from prokaryotes only once in four billion years, and no prokaryotic cells have been found that show intermediate levels of complexity..."

Metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive to go up to 25% of the speed of light - "Alcubierre imagined a small volume of flat spacetime in which a spacecraft sits, surrounded by a bubble of spacetime that shrinks in the direction of travel, bringing your destination nearer, and stretches behind you. He showed that this shrinking and stretching could enable the bubble--and the spaceship it contained--to move at superluminal speeds. Igor Smolyaninov at the University of Maryland, points out that if these kinds of bubbles are possible in spacetime, then it ought to be possible to simulate them inside a metamaterial. The metamaterial would only be an emulation, so that we can learn about how the physics work and eventually figure out if we can and how we would build it..."

Invisible helmet for the hair-consious cyclists (w/ Video) - "The latest accessory for cyclists comes in the form of an inflatable airbag -- for the head. A Stockholm-based industrial duo by the names of Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have developed a solution for those struggling with the choice between having good hair or playing it safe while bike-riding: The invisible helmut, deemed "Hovding.".."

Low-power computing promises to boost companies' profits - "But unlike unlike consumer chips from Intel or AMD, IMEC's microchips are not meant to be powerful - they are the exact opposite. They have been tweaked to run on the tiniest amounts of power - so tiny, in fact, that they can run on energy harvested from small movements or temperature differences in the environment..."

Festival Showcases Future Faces of Science, Engineering - "Thousands of students ventured to Washington D.C. for this weekend's finale to the 2010 Science and Engineering Festival. Booths lined the National Mall as the event sought to pique the interest of the nation's youth in science and math through an array of interactive exhibits..."

Australian researcher discovers giant asteroid impact - "A geothermal energy researcher from the University of Queensland (UQ) has found evidence of a major asteroid impact that occurred more than 300 million years ago in the South Australian outback...."

The physics of how wet animals dry themselves (w/ Video) - "Scientists using slow-motion movie cameras have been trying to discover the physics behind the "wet dog shake.""

Once All Data Plans Are Capped, Where Will You Turn? - "Mobile device users want unlimited access to data, but most are unwilling to pay a premium according to a survey of professionals and students. The full survey results are expected tomorrow, when Devicescape, a provider of Wi-Fi software solutions, publishes its quarterly Wi-Fi report. Respondents to the survey are adamant about their data needs, with 61.2 percent indicating they wouldn't pay for an unlimited data plan. If plans are capped, loyalty to a provider plummets, as 77.9 percent of those polled would consider switching mobile operators..."

How To Protect Your Login Information From Firesheep - "TechCrunch reader Steve Manuel claims to have found a workaround to Firesheep, the controversial Firefox extension that allows anyone on an insecure open Wifi network to access user login info for almost every single social network in existence...."

Haiti cholera cases detected in Port-au-Prince - "Five cases of cholera have been detected in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, the UN says, amid an outbreak that has killed more than 200 people..."

Coming Soon: Bigger Boobs Made From Your Liposuctioned Fat - "Coming Soon: Bigger Boobs Made From Your Liposuctioned FatComing Soon: Bigger Boobs Made From Your Liposuctioned FatWould you trade hip, butt or belly fat for somewhat larger breasts—if safe and "natural" feeling? The discovery of stem cells in fat tissue could make this more than hypothetical, and implications go beyond the beauty myth...."

The stupefying pace of glacier melt in the 1940s - "Here's a bit of research that you don't normally see in the MSM stories about glacier melt. It is backed up by a second and very interesting article (below) from 1947 in Geographical Review which says “Most of the worlds glaciers have been shrinking in recent decades.” Yet, news reports of the last decade would have you believe that glacier recession is an unprecedented phenomenon..."

High-Speed Videos: The Hidden World of Insect Flight - "Using high-speed video cameras that capture more than a thousand frames per second, Andrew Mountcastle's videos reveal an insect ballet hidden to plain sight..."

Discovery of taste receptors in the lungs could help people with asthma breathe easier - "Taste receptors in the lungs? Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have discovered that bitter taste receptors are not just located in the mouth but also in human lungs. What they learned about the role of the receptors could revolutionize the treatment of asthma and other obstructive lung diseases..."

The robot that reads your mind to train itself - "Rajesh Rao is a man who believes that the best type of robotic helper is one who can read your mind...."

Netflix CEO: ‘We Are Now a Streaming Company' - "Netflix now considers itself a “streaming company which also offers DVDs by mail,” according to CEO Reed Hastings in the management commentary that accompanies its third-quarter earnings release. According to Netflix, the company now spends more money on streaming content than on DVDs, and as a result consumers now stream more videos than they watch on DVD..."

Google to build and test high-speed network in campus faculty/staff housing subdivision; will present its plan at a campus meeting Nov. 11 - "Stanford has reached an agreement with Google to build an ultra-high-speed broadband network within the university's faculty/staff housing subdivision. Through this trial, Google plans to offer Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second – more than 100 times faster than what most people have access to today. The company plans to start breaking ground in early 2011..."

Tigers could be extinct in 12 years: WWF - "The world's tiger population could soon be extinct because of illegal trophy hunting, deteriorating habitats and the use of tiger parts in Eastern medicine, environmental experts warn..."

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