Interesting Reading #554 - 32 iPad wannabes, WiMax2 coming soon, Automatic cars, Alternative P2P Internet and much more...

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iPadversaries! 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads, and More - "Why are iPads selling as fast as Apple's Chinese subcontractors can crank them out? In part, it's because the iPad has a suddenly-hot product category pretty much to itself. Before scuttlebutt that Apple was working on a tablet started to heat up, no major PC manufacturer seemed to think that consumers wanted a general-purpose, touchscreen-only computing device. Now almost all the big names–and lots of little ones–are furiously playing catch up..." See also: Android-Running Dell Thunder Smartphone Leaked in Video

'WiMAX 2' set to be finalized in November - "While LTE starts rolling out from major U.S. carriers in 2011, the WiMAX Forum is hoping to have the so-called WiMAX 2 standard up and ready to go by the start of 2012..."

Me my Shark and I - "the day before I shot this video, i was SUP surfing with a couple friends and 2 sharks circled us for about 15 minutes. the next day, i decided to go back out at around the same time and take my GO PRO HD HERO camera ( mounted on a 10 ft pole and do some exploring. Sure enough within 5 minutes a 9 ft shark came out of no where and circled twice and slapped his tail on my board before disappearing..."

Automatic Auto: A Car That Drives Itself - "In September a driverless Audi TTS will speed to the top of Colorado's Pikes Peak at just under 100 kilometers per hour—that's right, no driver. It is an early step toward a robo-car that can drive itself, perhaps better than you can..."

André Villa crashes into crowd at X-Fighters at Battersea Power Station:

Is Apple Making a Liquid Metal iBike? - "Apple has applied for a patent on a smart bicycle that would use an iPod or iPhone to monitor data about the rider, according to the patent application that Patently Apple discovered. For those who have never heard of Patently Apple, it's a blog with the oddly specific goal of sniffing out patent applications from Apple..."

Coming Generation of Lasers May Be the Most Powerful Lasers That Will Ever Lase - "The most powerful lasers now being built, such as the forthcoming Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project underway in Europe, may approach the physical ceiling of laser intensity -- they may turn out to be the most powerful lasers that ever can be built, says a new article on the PhysicsBuzz blog..."

How do credit card companies make money?

Nano "Wiretap" Spies on Cells - "A new nanotech "wiretap" can enter living cells and monitor their activities in real time, scientists say. Scientists used silicon nanowires to create hairpin-shaped conducting transistors that are smaller than a typical virus. The transistors are able to float freely inside the cells and "listen in" on crucial biological functions..."

New tech turns ordinary windows into solar cells - "A new thin-film technology has been developed that can turn an ordinary window into a power-generating solar cell..."

Fears for future of 3D as films flop - "It was hailed as the great saviour of the film industry, but since 3D technology propelled Avatar to a record-breaking $2.73bn box-office haul, fears are growing that Hollywood is endangering its profitable new format. Several 3D films have topped the box office charts this year, including Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. Yet, a string of recent 3D films has stumbled at the box office, notably Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, which flopped, and Step Up 3D, which made less than the first two films in the dance series, both of which were released in 2D..."

Dangerous Bacterium Hosts Genetic Remnant of Life's Distant Past - "Within a dangerous stomach bacterium, Yale University researchers have discovered an ancient but functioning genetic remnant from a time before DNA existed, they report in the August 13 issue of the journal Science..."

The MacBook Air Project - "This here is a little blog to follow what I have termed the MacBook Air project. An attempt to turn a busted Apple MacBook Air into a computer in a keyboard...."

The Alternative P2P Wireless Internet Network: The Netsukuku Idea - "Would it be possible, using p2p and wireless technologies, to gain independence from internet providers and make free and open net connectivity a reality? Andrea Lo Pumo, a young Italian mathematician has developed Netsukuku, a vision for an alternative wireless network that may represent a disruptive change for the Internet as we know it..."

Google and the Search for the Future - "The day is coming when the Google search box—and the activity known as Googling—no longer will be at the center of our online lives. Then what? "We're trying to figure out what the future of search is," Mr. Schmidt acknowledges. "I mean that in a positive way. We're still happy to be in search, believe me. But one idea is that more and more searches are done on your behalf without you needing to type." "I actually think most people don't want Google to answer their questions," he elaborates. "They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.".." See also: One day soon, Google will p0wn you, Schmidt predicts

Perceived Speed Performace - "Firefox is fast, no doubt about it. But for many people it feels pretty slow when starting up. Chrome, while only marginally faster than Firefox at starting, feels much faster. By analyzing videos of these start-up processes we can start to understand what makes Firefox feel slow..."

Fibre-optic cable headed for your sewer pipes - "New Zealand homes and businesses could soon be getting ultrafast broadband through their sewer pipes..."

Laser-Scanning Backpack Creates Instant 3-D Maps of Building Interiors, Everywhere You Go - "Just in time for back to school, UC Berkeley researchers have created what might be the coolest backpack ever: a wearable collection of cameras and lasers that maps the interiors of buildings as it goes, instantly generating photo-real 3-D maps of structures..."

Bed Bug Infestation Is Scaring Millions Of Americans - "Krask's apartment was infested with bedbugs. Savoring warmth, they swarmed in his DSL port, light fixtures, carpets and furniture. They'd feasted on him nightly for a year — which he spent visiting doctors in an increasing state of panic over the rashes inflaming his buttocks and other body parts before finally ascertaining the cause...."

Men more likely to cheat if they are economically dependent on their female partners - "The more economically dependent a man is on his female partner, the more likely he is to cheat on her, according to research to be presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association..."

Green Tea Extract Appears to Keep Cancer in Check in Majority of CLL Patients - "An extract of green tea appears to have clinical activity with low toxicity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients who used it in a phase II clinical trial, say researchers at Mayo Clinic..."

The Ecstasy of Empire - "The United States is running out of time to get its budget and trade deficits under control. Despite the urgency of the situation, 2010 has been wasted in hype about a non-existent recovery. As recently as August 2 Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner penned a New York Times column, “Welcome to the Recovery.”"

We're all doomed! 40 years from global catastrophe - and there's NOTHING we can do about it, says climate change expert - "The weather forecast for this holiday weekend is wildly unsettled. We had better get used to it. According to the climate change scientist James Lovelock, this is the beginning of the end of a peaceful phase in evolution..."

#15: Nationalize Drug Development - "While over $300 billion worth of prescription drugs were sold in the U.S. in 2009, the pharmaceutical industry is now bringing fewer new drugs to market each year now than it did in the mid-'90s. Patents for a handful of the most lucrative drugs, such as Lipitor and Plavix, are slated to expire soon, and the major companies don't have any new blockbuster drugs on the horizon. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical ad spending has eclipsed spending on research and development, according to a 2008 study...."

Deadly Whooping Cough, Once Wiped Out, Is Back - "California is in the midst of its worst outbreak of whooping cough in a half-century. More than 2,700 cases have been reported so far this year — eight times last year's number at this point. Seven of the victims, all infants, have died..."

Shawn Hogan Speaks Out On FBI Charges - "I haven't said much about it to date about the dealings between myself and eBay, because well... I didn't see a point. But now with people's imaginations running wild about what did (and didn't) happen, I suppose I'll talk about it. The story itself is far more interesting than you would think possible within an affiliate program..."

Stock market apt to stay difficult for some time - "It's nearly four months since stocks reached their 2010 highs and began falling on investors' doubts about the economic recovery. Some analysts say it could be another year before investors get up enough confidence to restart the rally...." See also: Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back and Hindenburg Omen: Is a Stock Market Crash Imminent?

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