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How do you hold your Nokia? - "The key function on any Nokia device is its ability to make phone calls. After all, that's why we know them universally as mobile phones (or smart phones, feature phones or mobile computers – though the same grip styles work for those, too). One of the main things we've found about the 1 billion plus Nokia devices that are in use today is that when making a phone call, people generally tend to hold their phone like a.... well, like a phone. Providing a wide range of methods and grips for people to hold their phones, without interfering with the antennae, has been an essential feature of every device Nokia has built..." See also: Steve Jobs on iPhone 4: "No Reception Issues, Stay Tuned"

The girl who must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive - "Lizzie Velasquez weighs just four stone and has almost zero per cent body fat but she is not anorexic. In fact, the 21-year-old from Austin, Texas, must eat every 15 minutes to stay healthy..."

Students Record Spellbinding Video of Disintegrating Spacecraft - "Last year, high school science teacher Ron Dantowitz of Brookline, Mass., played a clever trick on three of his best students. He asked them to plan a hypothetical mission to fly onboard a NASA DC-8 aircraft and observe a spacecraft disintegrate as it came screaming into Earth's atmosphere. How would they record the event? What could they learn?"

The Friendly Vending Machine - "Instead of the old style machine that works by: “put your coins in the slot and pray you don't have to kick the machine until your drink comes out,” the machine will let you simply point at the can of pop you want and open a tube..."

White House Seeks Comment on Trusted ID Plan - "The plan calls for the U.S. government to work with private companies to create an Identity Ecosystem, an online environment "where individuals, organizations, services, and devices can trust each other because authoritative sources establish and authenticate their digital identities.".."

Mark Webber - Red Bull - Crash - Backflip - Valencia - Formula one 2010 :

Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up - "Employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for companies like General Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse and Aerojet General Nucleonics, he worked on highly classified programs involving nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets. In 1958, UFOs caught his attention, and Friedman has since lectured about this subject at more than 700 colleges and professional groups in all 50 states and around the world..."

Sergey Brin's Search for a Parkinson's Cure - "Brin, of course, is no ordinary 36-year-old. As half of the duo that founded Google, he's worth about $15 billion. That bounty provides additional leverage: Since learning that he carries a LRRK2 mutation, Brin has contributed some $50 million to Parkinson's research, enough, he figures, to “really move the needle.” In light of the uptick in research into drug treatments and possible cures, Brin adjusts his overall risk again, down to “somewhere under 10 percent.” That's still 10 times the average, but it goes a long way to counterbalancing his genetic predisposition..."

Making lungs in the lab - "One team has grown lung cells that performed their gas-exchange functions when transplanted into living rats. The study provides proof of principle that such regenerated tissue may one day be used to treat patients with serious lung disorders..."

A DIY World: The Death of Professional Services? - "As web applications develop in sophistication and as users start to accept the internet more and more I have noticed something interesting. The internet is littered with companies that have gone to great lengths to make service industries extinct through innovation..."

Google's mismanagement of the Android Market - "Google does far too little curation of the Android Market, and it shows. Unlike Apple's App Store, the Android Market has few high quality apps. A study by Larva Labs (the developers of the excellent Slidescreen app) estimates that Google has paid out 50x less money to developers than Apple has..."

Newspaper retracts "climategate" story, months too late - "Remember "climategate"? Someone hacked and distributed emails from climate scientists from the University of East Anglia. (It was kind of like Weigelgate except the entire Earth is going to die in a fire.) Some of the scientists used words like 'trick" and "hide." Instant scandal: Global warming is made up! A British newspaper has finally gotten around to correcting the record..."

Millennium Simulation: "The Largest Model of Our Universe"

Consumers Buy More Efficient Refrigerators, but Keep the Old Ones Humming - "Each year millions of Americans with old, inefficient refrigerators in their kitchens buy new, energy saving ones. That may sound like an efficiency boon, but what's vexing efficiency advocates is that an increasing number of consumers don't actually get rid of the old fridge..."

Not even FBI was able to decrypt files of Daniel Dantas - "The FBI failed to break the encryption code of hard drives seized by federal police at the apartment of banker Daniel Dantas, in Rio de Janeiro, during Operation Satyagraha. The operation began in July 2008. According to a report published on Friday (25) by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, after a year of unsuccessful attempts, the U.S. federal police returned the equipment to Brazil in April..."

Strength in naughty or nice - "“People perceive those who do good and evil to have more efficacy, more willpower, and less sensitivity to discomfort. By perceiving themselves as good or evil, people embody these perceptions, actually becoming more capable of physical endurance,” says researcher Kurt Gray, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard..."

U.S. Troops Face New Threat: Afghanistan's Toxic Sand - "U.S. troops already face plenty of threats in Afghanistan: AK-47–wielding insurgents, improvised bombs, an intransigent and incompetent government. Now add a less familiar challenge to that list of woes: Afghanistan's toxic sand..."

When Capitalism Meets Cannabis - "ANYONE who thinks it would be easy to get rich selling marijuana in a state where it's legal should spend an hour with Ravi Respeto, manager of the Farmacy, an upscale dispensary here that offers Strawberry Haze, Hawaiian Skunk and other strains of Cannabis sativa at up to $16 a gram..."

How close are we to catastrophic climate change? - "As you may have noticed, scientists remain convinced that humans are altering the global climate with an excess of greenhouse gas emissions—soot, methane and the ever-present carbon dioxide we pump out from our lungs and coal-burning power plants. The question is: how bad is said climate change going to get?"

Women freeze eggs to wait for 'Mr Right' - "Women in their late 30s are freezing eggs because they are still hunting for "Mr Right", research suggests. A study of women at a Belgian clinic found half wanted to freeze their eggs to take the pressure off finding a partner, a fertility conference heard...."

Oil spill: Is Gulf safe for swimming? - "What you can't see in the water may be more dangerous than what you can see, he said. "That's why we thought we had to start looking for dissolved oil," he said. It can't been seen and it poses health risks. So far it's not been found in the surf zone on the beach."

Gulf Oil Spill Not the Biggest Ever - " The fact that the spill happened in warm offshore waters made the effects of the Ixtoc I spill less than they otherwise might have been, experts agreed. Warm temperatures accelerate the evaporation, weathering and microbes' consumption of oil. Much of the oil stayed offshore, evaporating or settling out on the sea floor. "We were surprised there were so relatively few effects," said Olof Linden of the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden and part of a United Nations expert group that assessed the Ixtoc I spill..."

Why We Dream: Real Reasons Revealed - "he slumbering mind might not seem like an apt tool for any critical thinking, but humans can actually solve problems while asleep, researchers say. Not only that, but one purpose for dreaming itself may be to help us find solutions to puzzles that plague us during waking hours..."

Progress made on artificial pancreas for diabetic patients - "Scientists are getting closer to offering an "artificial pancreas" to children and adults with type 1 diabetes that will help better control the swings of blood glucose that come with the disease..."

Google Me: Google To Launch A 'Facebook Killer'? - "Facebook's recently-announced Open Graph search feature has been likened to a "Google killer." But Google may be bringing the fight to Facebook, too..."

Tesla hopes investors are charged about IPO - "Tesla Motors Inc. begins selling stock to the public on Tuesday. The sale's success depends on how much investors are willing to bet on a car company that has never made a profit, sells a single vehicle and expects to lose money until at least 2012..."

Purported Windows 8 Document Leaks to Web - "Microsoft still won't officially use Windows and the number eight in the same sentence, but several Microsoft enthusiast sites have posted what appear to be some early details on the next version of Microsoft's flagship operating system..."

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