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Toshiba launches dual touch-screen laptop - "Toshiba has unveiled a new dual-screen, touch-screen mini laptop designed for surfing the internet, sending and receiving emails and keeping up to speed with social networking sites on the move. The Libretto W100 runs Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, and has two 7in, LED-backlit touch-screens. Toshiba says its compact size and clamshell form factor provides "unrivalled flexibility"..."

A Million Users Strong, Google Voice Opens To All - "When Google launches new services, they often gets a lot of hype (see: Wave, Buzz). Unfortunately, they don't always live up to that hype . But one service that Google launched last year definitely has: Google Voice. Sadly, it has only been open to those with invites. But starting today, it is open to all..."

Real vs. not real - In particular, notice the arm and the back. See also: How retouching works

Now scientists read your mind better than you can - "Brain scans may be able to predict what you will do better than you can yourself, and might offer a powerful tool for advertisers or health officials seeking to motivate consumers, researchers said on Tuesday..."

Chimpanzees kill to win new territory - "A bloody 10-year dispute in the Ugandan jungle ended in mid-2009 with the victors seizing territory held by the vanquished. The episode represents the first solid evidence that chimpanzees kill their rivals to acquire land, and could help explain the evolutionary origins of some aspects of belligerent as well as cooperative behaviour in humans..." See also: Why chimpanzees attack and kill each other

Flexible Touch Screen Made with Printed Graphene - "Now, besting all previous records for synthesis of graphene in the laboratory, researchers at Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University, in Korea, have produced a continuous layer of pure graphene the size of a large television, spooling it out through rollers on top of a flexible, see-through, 63-centimeter-wide polyester sheet..."

Enhancing the power of batteries - "MIT team finds that using carbon nanotubes in a lithium battery can dramatically improve its energy capacity..."

Caught in the Web - "IN an age when people reflexively turn to the Web to screen everyone from blind dates to baby-sitters, the Internet search has become a part of one of the most opaque and arcane screening processes of all: the New York co-op board review..."

Seven ways AT&T is failing its mobile customers - "Here's a list of the top problems we identified, as well as ways AT&T could make itself more customer-friendly..."

Welcome to the fifth estate - "Bloggers aren't out to take away the jobs of highly-paid columnists: we're more ambitious than that..."

Life of plastic solar cell jumps from hours to 8 months - " A team of researchers from the University of Alberta and the National Institute for Nanotechnology has extended the operating life of an unsealed plastic solar cell, from mere hours to eight months..."

Giant prehistoric pterosaurs descend on London - "Five models of giant prehistoric creatures have been unveiled at the South Bank in London as part of the Royal Society's Summer Exhibition. Over the past 12 months, the BBC has been following researchers from the University of Portsmouth as they have been have been building life-size replicas of the flying pterosaurs..."

Electronic bee - "A photo issued by the Bio Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council of a bee fitted with tiny radio ID tags to monitor their movements as part of research into whether pesticides could be giving the insects brain disorders"

Regulators Failed to Address Risks in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device - "Its very name — the blind shear ram — suggested its blunt purpose. When all else failed, if the crew of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig lost control of a well, if a dreaded blowout came, the blind shear ram's two tough blades were poised to slice through the drill pipe, seal the well and save the day. Everything else could go wrong, just so long as “the pinchers” went right. All it took was one mighty stroke..." See also: Investigating the Cause of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout

How a relief well works - "BP is drilling a pair of relief wells intended to kill the gushing leak in the Gulf of Mexico, which could happen in August at the earliest. Until then, the company is ramping up stopgap efforts to contain as much crude as possible from its Macondo well. Here is an explanation of how a relief well works, as explained by industry and academic experts as well as Kent Wells, BP's senior vice president of exploration and production."

Offshore membrane enclosure for growing algae - ""The Algae OMEGA project is meant to provide significant quantities of sustainable, carbon-neutral biofuels, as well as food, fertilizer, and other useful products, while treating wastewater and sequestering carbon dioxide. It provides these products and services without competing with agriculture for land, fertilizer or freshwater..."

2000 iMac compared to the 2010 iPhone

Is It Better To Buy Or Rent?

Does the world need another programming language? - "Rob Pike has certainly been places and done things. In the early 1980s, he worked with Brian Kernighan and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, where he co-wrote "The Unix Programming Environment" with Kernighan and co-developed the UTF-8 character encoding standard with Thompson. Pike is now a principal engineer at Google, where he's co-developed Go, a new programming language. Pike, who will discuss Go at next month's OSCON convention, talks about Go's development and the current state of programming languages in the following interview..."

Toward the Semantic Web - "A new standard from the World Wide Web Consortium brings the Web a step closer to realizing the vision of its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee..."

Stanley McChrystal: The runaway general - "When Barack Obama entered the Oval Office, he immediately set out to deliver on his most important campaign promise on foreign policy: to refocus the war in Afghanistan on what led us to invade in the first place. "I want the American people to understand," he announced in March 2009. "We have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan." He ordered another 21,000 troops to Kabul, the largest increase since the war began in 2001. Taking the advice of both the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he also fired Gen. David McKiernan – then the U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan – and replaced him with a man he didn't know and had met only briefly: Gen. Stanley McChrystal. It was the first time a top general had been relieved from duty during wartime in more than 50 years, since Harry Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur at the height of the Korean War...."

All guns blazing - A question of dodgy science - "Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming..."

Five Really Handy Google Command Line Tricks - "googlecl-bp1.jpgWith the right commands, you can turn your favorite command-line text editor into a distraction-free Google Docs app, add new events to Google Calendar, upload images to Picasa or video to YouTube, backup your Google data, and more. Here's how it works..."

File-sharing has weakened copyright—and helped society - "Has file-sharing helped society? Looked at from the narrow perspective of existing record labels, the question must seem absurd; profits have dropped sharply in the years since tools like Napster first appeared. But a pair of well-known academics argue peer-to-peer file sharing has weakened copyright in the US... and managed to benefit all of us at the same time. "

Skype Opens Up SkypeKit SDK To All Devices And Desktop Apps - "Today, Skype is releasing an open software development kit (SDK) for developers called SkypeKit which will allow Skype calls, instant messaging, video chat and other features to be integrated into consumer electronics and computers. For the past few years, Skype has found its way into a variety of devices from cordless phones and mobile phones to TVs through direct partnerships with device manufacturers. But with SkypeKit, the SDK is now available to all developers..."

Music Biz Wants Google To Stop Linking To The Pirate Bay - "The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) is the UK's main recording industry trade body. It represents many hundreds of companies but it's most well known members are Warner, EMI, Sony and Universal. It is at the forefront of copyright enforcement and lobbying in Britain and was largely responsible for the dismantling of the famous OiNK BitTorrent tracker. Yesterday Techdirt asked the question: Is BPI Trying To Setup Google For Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?"

Privacy Change: Apple Knows Where Your Phone Is And Is Telling People - "Apple updated its privacy policy today, with an important, and dare we say creepy new paragraph about location information. If you agree to the changes, (which you must do in order to download anything via the iTunes store) you agree to let Apple collect store and share "precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device.".."

Israel gripped by identity of 'Prisoner X' - "Israel has been gripped by a guessing game over the identity of a mysterious prisoner being held in such secrecy that even his guards do not know his name..."

Postcards from Hell - "For the last half-decade, the Fund for Peace, working with Foreign Policy, has been putting together the Failed States Index, using a battery of indicators to determine how stable -- or unstable -- a country is. But as the photos here demonstrate, sometimes the best test is the simplest one: You'll only know a failed state when you see it..."

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