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What's It Like To Drive The World's Most Exotic Hybrid Sports Car? - "In the GT3 R Hybrid, two electric motors are linked to the front wheels, adding 160 horsepower to the standard GT3 R's 480-horsepower internal combustion engine. Under braking, these motors spin to generate electricity, which is used to accelerate a flywheel spinning in a vacuum (see diagram below). Without the drag of air molecules to slow it down, this flywheel can spin for long periods at 40,000 rpm, allowing it to act as a lightweight "battery", an energy reservoir. When the GT3 R Hybrid driver wants a six-second burst of acceleration, the flywheel spins down to zero, generating electricity which is fed through the motors to the front tires..."

Underwater Yachts - "The U-010 Undersea Yacht is one seriously luxurious yacht. Designed to explore the depths of the ocean in style, the U-010 Undersea Yacht is comfortable and safe..."

A Bold Phone Fades a Bit in the Details - "What makes the Evo seem even more spectacular are all the firsts and bests. For example, the Evo has an enormous 4.3-inch touch screen that dwarfs those of most phones. You can turn the Evo into a pocket Wi-Fi hot spot, so up to eight people can get online with their laptops. The 8-megapixel camera has dual LED flashes and records hi-def video..."

How 4G phones will change the way we use cellphones - "But my Philadelphia experiment has revealed to me that 4G will mean more than just faster Web browsing, faster video/music/photo uploads and downloads, faster pussycat kill kill. 4G speeds and the capabilities they enable will literally change our lives. Here are five ways 4G technology will change the way we use our phones..."

Impressions from E3: The Nintendo 3DS and games lineup - "However, once I was able to sit down with the system for twenty one full minutes was I able to finally judge the system for myself. And in short? The system is amazing, and I would have loved to walk out with one... "

No need to hate: 3D Gaming is awesome - "Coming out of E3, there is no longer an inkling of doubt in my mind: 3D gaming is great. The technology is not as alpha as everyone might have expected, and it's sure as hell not a direction to “fear”.” 3D offers a level of immersion that simply no other technology can replicate (Move, Kinect, Wiimote, whatever), and I can now humbly admit that playing games in 3D gave me goosebumps..."

Giant Dams Mess With Global Sea Level Rise - "After building one of the world's largest dams, the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, China is getting ready to outdo itself by building a massive structure on the Brahmaputra River that would be the largest hydroelectric project in the world..."

'Diverging Diamond' Traffic Flow: Way Of The Future? - "It's not often that you can make traffic flow more smoothly and safely without spending significant time and money. But drivers in Springfield, Mo., are the first in the United States to use a new interchange design that transportation officials say is quick, cheap, and safe..."

Smart prepares to launch electric version in U.S. - "Smart hopes to have 250 of the little two-seat buggers in the hands of consumers as soon as this fall, when it goes into test as a prelude to volume production in 2012. About 100 of them are already running around England..."

The internet: Everything you ever need to know - "In spite of all the answers the internet has given us, its full potential to transform our lives remains the great unknown. Here are the nine key steps to understanding the most powerful tool of our age – and where it's taking us..."

DOE Loans to Make Nevada the “Saudi Arabia of Geothermal Energy” - "Of all the ‘mainstream' forms of renewable energy, it seems that geothermal power is always left in the shadows compared to solar and wind power. However, that looks set to change with news that the US Department of Energy will fund geothermal projects in northwestern Nevada and southeast Oregon..."

Apple is the new hacker bulls-eye - "When Apple was just a niche maker of Mac computers and only truly popular among college students and graphic designers, hackers paid little attention to the company. Instead, they focused on Microsoft, which had more than a 90% share of the PC operating system market. Those days are over. Recent iPad security scares are a sign that Apple's devices are a growing target for hackers, spammers and malicious coders..."

The Velluvial Matrix - "Atul Gawande gave the commencement speech at Stanford's School of Medicine last week. Here is what he told the graduating class..."

The march to a more client-centric Web; Will the mobile Web, HTML5, and Chrome Web Apps be the tipping point? - "There is a tension brewing in how we deliver applications on the Web. This isn't a new tension. It has been around ever since we started to do more than just throw HTML down the pipe for the hypertext document runtime to render..."

Experiment finally proves 100-year-old thought experiment is possible (w/ Video) - "By building a machine that uses 2,000 bouncing beads to spin a paddle and perform work, researchers from the University of Twente have finally realized a long-debated thought experiment..."

11 Brands That Will Disappear In 2011: 24/7 Wall Street - "Below check out 24/7 Wall Street's list of 11 Brands That Will Disappear In 2011. Quick, before they're all gone!"

Fighting PC Delays, Hourglass by Hourglass - "I tried the Soluto program, and by following its recommendations, cut my boot time to 1.44 minutes from 2.40 minutes. I removed some applications from the boot sequence, letting them run after the boot was over. I “paused” other applications that I don't use on a daily basis — for instance, an application that automatically updates Google products. Instead, I'll wait until the company lets me know when there is an update. (Soluto divides the possible changes in the boot into “no brainers,” “potentially removable apps” and “required, cannot be removed.”) "

Far From Gulf, a Spill Scourge 5 Decades Old - "Big oil spills are no longer news in this vast, tropical land. The Niger Delta, where the wealth underground is out of all proportion with the poverty on the surface, has endured the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill every year for 50 years by some estimates. The oil pours out nearly every week, and some swamps are long since lifeless..."

Oil leaks and a crazy plan that just might work - "The prob­lem is stab­bing the hole from 1 mile away, remotely, with robots. So you need some­thing with a rel­a­tively small diam­e­ter. Also the pres­sures involved are immense, and we have to assume that the flow of oil needs to still be there, flow­ing to the surface...."

5 Ways Vultures Are Making Money in the Recession - "Vultures have always had a place in the economy. From time immemorial, regular citizens have scraped by on scavenged goods. Being a vulture today may involve more connections and paperwork, but the basic premise is the same: Profit off something that's floundering, dead, or simply unclaimed..."

An Energy-Independent Future - "The last eight presidents have gone on television and promised to move America towards an energy-independent future...."

Dark words fly as FCC launches new net neutrality probe - "The Federal Communications Commission hasn't even formally proposed its new "Third Way" net neutrality rules. All it did on Thursday was open an inquiry about them. But already we're on the edge of catastrophe, judging from the comments from the bench at the agency's Open Commission meeting..."

The Ins and Outs of the Abandoned Cart - "The Abandoned Cart: online retailers hate it, and most of us are culprits. Perhaps not surprisingly, in 2009 70% of online shoppers abandoned a cart at least once, leaving retailers frustrated and wondering what they can do better to help secure your purchase. But how much are they leaving in the carts, and what types of sales are retailers missing out on? Here is a comprehensive look at the details surrounding the abandoned cart..."

What is Voluntourism?

Stereo Itokawa - "Get out your red/blue glasses and float next to asteroid Itokawa, a diminutive world of the solar system only half a kilometer across..."

Monster bike - "This monster bike took three months to build and is made from steel tubes, bicycle parts and a tractor tyre. It is the brainchild of Wouter van den Bosch, a Dutch art student and former mechanical engineer, who made the 450kg colossus from parts donated to him from friends and a tractor company..."

Possibly the Most Important Skill for Managers, Coaches, Teachers and Parents - "Instead tell them what the did well. A kid playing a game of chess most certainly made a couple of good moves. Your task is to find these moves. Or maybe he remembered to press the clock most of the time after his move. Or he used the available time well to think carefully. Or he remembered to shake hands and setup the board again after the game..."

YouTube Explains Top Secret 'News Experiment' to Local Media, But Doesn't Really - "According to SFAppeal blogger Eve Batey, Google-owned video aggregator YouTube is up to some hush hush citizen journalism project here in our very own San Francisco. Apparently part of a select group of "San Francisco bloggers, writers, and digital journalists," Batey received the below vague email earlier today..."

Toshiba Launches 128GB Embedded NAND Flash Memory Module - "Toshiba announced today the first ever 128GB embedded flash memory chip using 32 nanometer processes. The entire design is less than 0.06 inches thick..."

Are you REALLY worth it? Designer bags, luxury holidays even affairs - how celebrity culture is dangerously deluding women into think they deserve to have everything - "Once, the pinnacles of achievement were a good job or a happy home life. Now, we're encouraged to believe we're entitled to everything we want, the moment we crave it, 'because we're worth it.'"

Known Faces Are Displacing the Amateurs in Online Videos - "Just as the unknowns who showed up on screen in the early days of television gave way to radio and movie stars like Jack Benny and Bob Hope, more famous faces are supplanting everyday people in Web series, particularly when the video clips are sponsored by advertisers..."

U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan (Updated Again) - "The U.S. mission in Afghanistan centers around swaying locals to its side. And there's no better persuasion tool than an invisible pain ray that makes people feel like they're on fire..."

PCNAA the Next Govt Threat to the Internet - "The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA) is probably the largest threat the Internet has ever faced. This legislation was announced by Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., with support from fellow Sens. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine. This bill would give the president emergency powers to take control of and shut down portions of the Internet..."

Introducing the Google Command Line Tool - "Ever wanted to upload a folder full of photos to Picasa from a command prompt? We did, a lot, last summer. It made us want to say..."

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