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Interesting Reading #435 – Apple to add iPhone multitasking, Facebook To Announce Plans To Take Over The Internet, Discover the best jobs in America, See the first 50 Dilbert cartoons and much more…

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The FCC Wants You to Test Your Broadband Speeds – “The FCC is asking the nation’s broadband and smartphone users to use their broadband testing tools to help the feds and consumers know what speeds are actually available, not just promised by the nations’ telecoms…”

FCC Commissioner rips ISPs on broadband prices, competition – “”When prices rise across the industry, and where there are only a limited number of players in the game, we have to ask ourselves whether there is any meaningful competition in the marketplace,” Clyburn declared in a public statement. “Moreover, when executives from major broadband providers indicate that they will only roll out faster speeds in the few markets where they have competition, our fears about whether meaningful competition exists should grow.””

Apple’s iPhone 4.0 software to deliver multitasking support – “Apple this summer will go a long way towards silencing critics and catering to one of the most prevalent demands of its iPhone user base, when it introduces a multitasking solution through the handset’s 4.0 software update that will finally allow several third party apps to run concurrently and in the background….”

Facebook To Announce Plans To Take Over The Internet With Facebook Pages – “Facebook CEO and cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has long signaled that the future of Facebook will be off His social network will take a big step toward that future at a developers conference in April…”

You, Too, Could Own a Working Jetpack for $90,000 – “Nonetheless, Martin Aircraft Company wants to change that with the Martin Jetpack, a $90,000 carbon fiber model that can generate 600 pounds of thrust. Wired reports that the jetpack is self-righting; you can let go of the controls and just hover…”

3D for PS3 in June? – “PlayStation 3’s capacity to support 3D gaming has already been touted with playable versions of Gran Turismo and Super Stardust on show at this year’s CES. Now as Sony prepares to seriously enter the 3D space with the launch of its first 3D TV in Japan on June 10 it looks as if the PlayStation 3 will be following suit…”

Heat – a visual tour of what is hot or not in the universe

The best jobs in America

The first 50 Dilber cartoons

Stereo disc recording – “There are two possibilities to modulate a groove…”

What a daft way to stop your spaniel eating the milkman – “As we know, one man once got on one plane in a pair of exploding hiking boots and as a result everyone else in the entire world is now forced to strip naked at airports and hand over their toiletries to a man in a high-visibility jacket. In other words, the behaviour of one man has skewed the concept of everyday life for everyone else. And we are seeing this all the time…”

Freak waves spotted from space – “As part of a project called MaxWave – which was set up to test the rumours – two Esa satellites surveyed the oceans. During a three week period they detected 10 giant waves, all of which were over 25m (81ft) high…”

Seen not heard – obscure security in schools – “Cameras aren’t the worst of the privacy violations. Staff perform random searches of cars and lockers. Most of the kids know about locker searches because they see the administration going though their stuff in the hall. But not everyone knows about the car searches, all the way out in the parking lot where administrators aren’t likely to be observed. (People don’t often bother to lock their cars, either)…”

iPad Compatibility & Remote Control Feature – “Our award winning ProPrompter HD is ready to hold the revolutionary iPad, safe and secure while you ProPrompt anywhere your camera goes. We created mobile teleprompting in 2002 and were the first to create a professional teleprompting App for the iPhone/iPod touch along with hardware released at NAB 2009…”

New “Smart Meters” for Energy Use Put Privacy at Risk – “The ebb and flow of gas and electricity into your home contains surprisingly detailed information about your daily life. Energy usage data, measured moment by moment, allows the reconstruction of a household’s activities: when people wake up, when they come home, when they go on vacation, and maybe even when they take a hot bath…”

Parliament threatens court action on anti-piracy treaty – “NGOs, academics and trade bodies that have studied leaks from the trade talks say the agreement would pave the way for network providers to introduce “US-style draconian” ways to penalise piracy….”

Google maps adds bike lane option – “The new bicycling directions available on Google Maps starting Wednesday supplement the guidance already provided to motorists and pedestrians. The biking directions initially will be available only for the United States…”

Rep. Grayson Introduces Bill to Allow Anyone to Buy Into Medicare at Cost:

DARPA Wants Chips For Ultra-Low-Power Computing Using Magnetic States – “Never content to let a paradigm remain a paradigm, DARPA has issued a broad agency announcement seeking the development of super-low-power, non-volatile logic integrated circuits that retain their computational states as well as their data even after their power supplies have been removed. Focusing on magnetic-moment-based approaches, the agency wants a new breed of portable electronics, sensors and UAVs that can compute even when the lights go out…”

3D television, without the silly glasses – “OK, so you want 3D TV, but you don’t want to wear those dorky Timmy Mallett glasses that they gave you in the cinema when you went to see Avatar and Up. Never fear: tireless engineers have come up with a design that will let you get that three-dimensional experience without face furniture. (If you want to be showy, it’s an “autostereoscopic” system.)”

When RealNetworks Settled on DVD Copying, We All Lost – “RealNetworks just screwed us all by settling lawsuits in which it might have lost–but which might also have given some new life to fair use for digital media…”

Google Reader Play – “Welcome to Google Reader Play, a fun, fast way to browse the most interesting stuff on the web, personalized just for you. We’ll keep track of the things you star, like, or share, and we’ll show you more stuff you’ll like the next time you use Reader Play…”

Free Energy and the Meaning of Life – “When we think about the “meaning of life,” we tend to conjure ideas such as love, or self-actualization, or justice, or human progress. It’s an anthropocentric view; try to convince blue-green algae that self-actualization is some sort of virtue. Let’s ask instead why “life,” as a biological concept, actually exists. That is to say: we know that entropy increases as the universe evolves. But why, on the road from the simple and low-entropy early universe to the simple and high-entropy late universe, do we pass through our present era of marvelous complexity and organization, culminating in the intricate chemical reactions we know as life?”

At-home preserving is ridiculously trendy. – “Jam on it!Jam on it!Preserving food at home has become modish of late. The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the New York Times have all noted the intense popularity of canning: overflowing classes, new cookbooks, obsessive blogs, and Twitter-publicized can-ins. Another, more concrete indication of the trend: sales of the Jarden Corporation’s Ball glass canning jars are booming despite the recession: Its 2010 sales are up nearly 10 percent, and that’s after a 2009 increase of 30 percent over 2008. It’s cute that a practice once associated with grandmothers, 4-H-ers, zealous gardeners with too many cucumbers, and the occasional survivalist, is now a litmus test for gourmandism. But there’s a revivalist fervor bottled up in those jars—enthusiasts tout the thriftiness, healthfulness, and environmental virtues of marmalades and dilly beans—that seems overwrought…”

Use Cash And Enjoy Privacy? You’re A Terrorist – “A new government commercial currently running on one of Britain’s most popular radio stations is selling one thing – fear – by encouraging Londoners to report their neighbors as terrorists if they use cash, enjoy their privacy, or even close their curtains…”

LifeLock fined $12 million over lack of life-locking ability – “Identity theft prevention service LifeLock is not as pristine as its reputation claims after all. The company agreed to pay out $12 million to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission and 35 states, which had said that LifeLock’s identity-theft-prevention claims were false and that the company actually made its own customer data available and unsecured from theft. As it turns out, there is no way to fully guarantee that identity theft won’t happen, no matter what someone puts on the side of a truck…”

A Little Black Box to Jog Failing Memory – “Two years ago, Mr. Reznick, who has early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and is now 82, signed up for an experiment intended to help people with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders. The concept was simple: using digital pictures and audio to archive an experience like a weekend visit from the grandchildren, creating a summary of the resulting content by picking crucial images, and reviewing them periodically to awaken and strengthen the memory of the event…”

New Site Unmasks Chatroulette Players – “Chatroulette Map,which first bubbled up on blogs like Laughing Squid, grabs screenshots of people using the service and, using their IP address and geolocation tools, plots their location on a global map. (Note: Some images may not be work-safe.)”

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