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Interesting Reading #452 – Men Take More Risks When Pretty Women Are Around, ISS to get ‘Man Cave’, How to Erase Fear, Universities look better when it is overcast and much more…

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It’s True: Hot Water Really Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water – “Hot water really can freeze faster than cold water, a new study finds. Sometimes. Under extremely specific conditions. With carefully chosen samples of water…” See also: Revealed: why hot water freezes faster than cold

Nintendo 3DS: The Details – “Nintendo Japan has announced that they will present the newest portable console, the Nintendo 3DS, in June. The new handheld will offer 3D viewing without glasses. Here’s all the information we have gathered so far…”

Joel Levine: Why we need to go back to Mars – “At TEDxNASA, planetary scientist Joel Levine shows some intriguing — and puzzling — new discoveries about Mars: craters full of ice, traces of ancient oceans, and compelling hints at the presence, sometime in the past, of life. He makes the case for going back to Mars to find out more…”

Mars Rover Opportunity is Thinking for Itself – “Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Spirit and Opportunity have surpassed their designed mission lifespan by an astonishing six years, but don’t let that fool you into thinking their mental capacity is suffering. Far from it. With help from the MER mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., our two tenacious robotic explorers are getting smarter with age…”

This is Important: What Would 1 Million Electric Cars do to the Grid? – “Power grid operators are looking at the coming wave of plug-in vehicles and trying to figure out what it will mean for them. A group of U.S. and Canadian companies just released a study titled Assessment of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Integration with ISO/RTO Systems (ISO = Independent Service Operator, RTO = Regional Transmission Organization) that looked into what would happen if 1 million plug-in vehicles were added to the grid in North-America. The findings are interesting…”

IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T – “For a little $1 iPhone app, Line2 sure has the potential to shake up an entire industry. It can save you money. It can make calls where AT&T’s signal is weak, like indoors. It can turn an iPod Touch into a full-blown cellphone… “

Smartphone traffic is up 193% in a year – “Smartphone traffic is up. Feature phone share is down. And traffic from mobile Internet devices (like the iPod touch) that don’t have built-in phones is booming — even before Apple releases the iPad…”

Pentagon Wants a Flying Bug: This Flapping Nano Bot is Phase One – “Last year, DARPA granted aerospace firm, Aeronvironment, a chunk of change and six-months to demonstrate a bird-sized Nano Air Vehicle (NAV). This video shows the result: the “smallest ever free-flying aircraft to hover and climb with flapping wings.”..”

China and the internet: Tricks to beat the online censor – “The biggest challenge for someone inside China who wants to get around the Great Firewall is the teleological one: how do you search for information that is itself banned? Of necessity – because the Chinese government monitors internet use inside the country, and the data passing across the fibre-optic cables at three points where it goes international – such knowledge tends to spread by word of mouth…”

In Manhattan, driving is toughest on Wednesdays – “If you are thinking of driving in Manhattan on a Wednesday, perhaps to take in a Broadway matinee, think again: it is the most congested day of the week… Using data from the GPS devices in all New York City cabs, officials tracked the routes of tens of millions of taxi trips over the past two years. The result: a database of speeds and travel routes that can be broken down by minute, month and neighborhood…”

New species of human ancestor found in Siberia – “The remains of a little finger discovered in a cave in the mountains of southern Siberia belong to a previously unknown human ancestor, scientists said today…” See also: DNA from bone shows new human forerunner, and raises array of questions

Shark-Triggered SMS Alerts Present Life Guards With Ambient Awareness – “Remember the toilet that tweets? Well maybe researcher Seth Hardy was onto something when he jokingly conceptualized it. Scientists in Western Australia have tagged over 70 great white sharks for a trial that will send beach lifesavers a text message when one gets too close to shore. We’ve seen plants and appliances join the internet of things, so why not animals? With this creative application of SMS technology, life guards now have a new form of ambient awareness, a spidey sense that tingles when danger is near…”

Twitter May Be Prepping Auto-Translate Option – “Twitter appears to be preparing to roll out a feature that would automatically translate posts into your preferred native language, according to a Twitter page I saw today…”

Netflix finally ships out Watch Instantly discs for Nintendo’s Wii – “Wii owners have been waiting for this day to come since early January (or before, arguably), and at long last it looks as if the rental superstar has come through. Customers around the US are receiving email notifications today stating that their Watch Instantly disc (required for Netflix playback on the Wii) has shipped, and it should be waiting in their mailbox before this weekend begins. We’ll be interested to see how the streaming service performs on the weakest of the three major consoles, but given that no 1080p content is available, we doubt they’ll be any major snags. Let us know when your disc arrives and how the experience is down in comments, won’tcha?”

Forget crunches. If you want to get faster, fitter, and stronger, you need to train your core like a runner. – “Fortunately, quality core work doesn’t require a lot of time or equipment-just a few key moves done correctly and consistently. This workout is designed by Greg McMillan, a running coach and exercise scientist in Flagstaff, Arizona, who has worked with many recreational runners and world-class athletes. The workout is devised to strengthen the specific muscles runners need for bounding up hills, sprinting to the finish, enduring long distances, and preventing common running injuries. Try doing two sets of these moves right before or after your run, three times a week…”

In Search of the Magnetic Monopole: Large Hadron Collider Experiment Could Rewrite Laws of Physics – “An experiment led by a University of Alberta researcher, at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, could dramatically change our concepts of basic physics, revolutionize our understanding of the Universe and could eventually lead to technologies in future generations that right now only exist in science fiction…”

New Proof Unknown “Structures” Tug at Our Universe – “”Dark flow” is no fluke, suggests a new study that strengthens the case for unknown, unseen “structures” lurking on the outskirts of creation. In 2008 scientists reported the discovery of hundreds of galaxy clusters streaming in the same direction at more than 2.2 million miles (3.6 million kilometers) an hour…”

newsflash: most of missing universe found – “The universe as we know it is mostly empty, with light years separating most stars and great voids stretching for millions of light years between large galaxies. But there was also a major chunk of the universe missing, a chunk to the tune of 90% which physics said should be there and yet, no telescope could track it down…”

Google, Microchip develop energy monitor software – “PowerMeter is free software that displays details of home energy consumption received from either a smartmeter or another electricity monitoring device. Microchip has produced the first reference implementation of the Google PowerMeter API, which is key to producing compatible electricity-monitor circuits for inclusion in energy-consuming devices…”

Men Take More Risks When Pretty Women Are Around – “Being around a pretty woman can make men take more risks, a new study finds. Researchers looked at the risk-taking behaviors of 96 young adult men, with an average age of nearly 22, by asking them to do both easy and difficult tricks on skateboards…”

Nuclear Bombs Expose Fake Wines – “In a study presented at the meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers revealed how atmospheric atomic bomb testing changed carbon isotope ratios, allowing easy identification of vintages of wines bottled in the years testing went on…”

Apisphere and AT&T Join Forces to Connect Canines – “Apisphere, Inc., a leading provider of location-smart technologies for mobile applications and devices, and AT&T* today announced an agreement to wirelessly connect a location-smart animal collar to help pet owners keep track of their pooches…”

James Cameron slams 3D film conversion – “Avatar director James Cameron has criticised the process some film-makers use to convert a film originally shot in 2D into the 3D format…”

ISS to get ‘Man Cave’ Complete with Robot Butler – “There might be a new favorite hang-out for astronauts aboard the International Space Station later this year. The Multi Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) known as Leonardo – which will be going to the ISS on the upcoming STS-131 mission carrying cargo and supplies — will be transformed after the mission into a Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM), and brought up to stay on the station on STS-133 as a storeroom for supplies. But it might also become a haven to get away from it all…”

How 1Gbps fiber came to Cleveland’s poorest, free of charge – “In the middle of one of America’s poorer cities, residents are about to get an unexpected gift: one gigabit per second Internet access over fiber optic cables courtesy of Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University…”

UK regulators officially mock US over ISP “competition” – “Here’s how US regulators do a broadband plan: talk about competition even while admitting there isn’t enough, then tinker around the edges with running fiber to “anchor institutions” and start collecting real data on US broadband use. Here’s how they do it in the UK: order incumbent telco BT to share its fiber lines with any ISP who is willing to pay. In places where BT hasn’t yet run fiber, order the company to share its ducts and poles with anyone who wants to run said fiber. In the 14 percent of the UK without meaningful broadband competition, slap price controls on Internet access to keep people from getting gouged…”

Obama Twitter account ‘hacked by Frenchman’ – “A Frenchman who police say hacked Twitter accounts belonging to US President Barack Obama and celebrities could face jail….”

Time capsule – “A film that will take 25 years to finish…”

An intro to modern OpenGL. Chapter 1: The Graphics Pipeline – “OpenGL has been around a long time, and from reading all the accumulated layers of documentation out there on the Internet, it’s not always clear what parts are historic and what parts are still useful and supported on modern graphics hardware. It’s about time for a new OpenGL introduction that walks through the parts that are still relevant today…”

Cloudy weather ‘increases university appeal’ – “Students who attend university open days when the weather is cloudy have an increased likelihood of applying there, claims research…”

How to Erase Fear–in Humans – “In January, a group of New York University neuroscientists led by Daniela Schiller reported in the journal Nature that they had created fearful memories in people and then erased them. Besides being rather cool, the result provides new insight into how to treat traumatic memories in people…”

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