How to store rainwater for your garden

by | Apr 27, 2009 04:00 PM ET

If you have a garden, water is essential in the dry spells. Whether you live in an area that is known for dry spells, or you are experiencing a drought where you live, You need water. North Carolina (where I live) has experienced several droughts in recent years, with water restrictions and lots of PSAs on saving water. Other areas have been even worse off.

If you enjoy gardening, water shortages create a problem because they can kill your garden. So people have been coming up with both simple and complex ways to store rainwater.

Here's the simplest system - the 55 gallon rain barrel that sits under a downspout:

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The second video shows how to use a large trash can to store rain water. It is possible to combine that idea with a sump pump and ramp things up to a 1,500 gallon storage system:

California Man Uses Trash Cans to Store 1,500 Gallons for His Plants

If you want to go even bigger in the rainwater storage business, you end up with tanks that can store thousands of gallons. Here are a dozens options for big storage:

Rainwater Harvesting: Comparing Storage Solutions

The Duke Smart Home shows how far you can take rainwater storage:

There are two 1,000 gallon tanks at either end of the front porch for irrigation, and then tanks in the basement. The water in these basement tanks goes through a filter and then an ultraviolet purifier that makes the water suitable for flushing toilets and washing clothes. For details see:

Home Depot Smart Home

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