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How to slaughter and butcher a cow – A fascinating look at the meat we eat

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This two-part video discusses the meat we eat. In this case, it shows how cows are slaughtered and butchered in a small slaughterhouse (2,000 cows per year, or roughly 10 cows per working day). Everyone who eats meat should be aware of the process, and this video is completely transparent in showing that process.

But the video represents something more, as expressed in part 1. At its heart it is talking about real people doing real things at a local level to make a decent living, at a time when the conventional job market is in chaos. And really, it is also about a decision that more and more people are making to stop buying things like meat at the Super Stuff-mart and instead buy it from someone they know, so that the money goes back into the community. In other words, the foundation of this video rests on a much bigger idea.

Part 1 discusses the overall concept and rationale in 3 minutes:

Part 2 shows how a cow is slaughtered and butchered in a small slaughterhouse, in 11 minutes:

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