How to make a "real" pizza oven (and Tandoor)

by | Jun 16, 2009 10:28 AM ET

If you want to make "real pizzaria-style pizza" at home, it's hard. A typical pizza oven runs at about 800 degrees F, while a home oven rarely gets above 500 degrees F.

If you want to make Naan (a traditional Indian bread) you face the same problem. To do it right you need a Tandoor oven that reaches 900 degrees F.

Ovens that reach these temperatures are generally big and expensive.

But there are do-it-yourself folks who are solving this problem in the backyard by making their own improvised pizza and Tandoor ovens. Here is one example:

Here is how to make naan in a normal kitchen oven. The same recipe could be cooked in a Tandoor:

Cooking Naan in a tandoori oven if you have one:

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