How Evil Works (at least in the sense of companies doing evil to their customers)

by | Apr 12, 2010 09:20 AM ET

In Interesting Reading #463 this article was mentioned:

Steve Jobs Has Just Gone Mad

That article and others like it spawned this web site:

And this comic:

Stop me if I can

And this article...

Apple Vs Adobe: Steve Jobs Responds

...which happens to contain one definition of evil (in terms of companies doing evil to their customers):

“trying to compete by means other than making the best product and marketing it honestly”.

That is one aspect of evil. The other aspect comes when companies actively rip off their customers, most commonly with "fees". Banks do this a lot. Verizon is perceived as evil because of its fees:

How Verizon's Billing Practices Don't Work

Blockbuster was a major player in this form of evil with their late fees. Netflix took advantage of that by eliminating late fees, and eventually ate Blockbuster's lunch (see Blockbuster says it may file for bankruptcy). This is the problem with being evil. In the long term, in most cases, good triumphs over evil. Apple may have finally reached a tipping point.

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