How Bullets Work

by | Jun 10, 2010 09:50 AM ET

What is the invention that has had the biggest effect on the people on this planet? Somewhere in the top 10 would probably go the gun and bullet. If you think about how many people have been killed with bullets, how many actions have been prevented with the threat of bullets, how many people have been fed with bullets... it's a big effect.

But a bullet is one of the simplest things there is. Here is a rare video where a bullet is shot from a transparent gun to demonstrate just how simple a bullet can be:

An actual round used in any gun today - be it a handgun, a rifle or a machine gun - has four parts:

- The bullet itself

- The gunpowder

- The brass casing

- The primer that ignites the gunpowder

You can see these 4 components in this video:

You can get an idea of the cost of these components in this video:

You can put together your own ammunition at home if you have the tools. You need a die that can size the casing, a press to install the primer in the casing, and a press to install the bullet in the casing. You can see the process in this video if you are interested.

You can see how bullets are manufactured in this video:

The final shape of a bullet has a big impact on its effect. In this video, a normal bullet with a point is shot at a milk jug. The bullet passes straight through. Then a hollow point bullet is shot at a milk jug. The milk jug disintegrates:

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