Good question - When a person is fat, how is the fat distributed in the body (amazing x-rays)?

by | May 11, 2010 09:09 AM ET

As part of this series of Dukan Diet articles, a friend sent me this photo for inspiration:

Before and after

[Is it really the same person in both photos? I wonder because of the tightness of the skin in the second photo. Either way, it is still inspirational, and we will eventually find out about the skin.]

How is the fat distributed in the two different body types shown in that picture? Here is the answer, in the form of images comparing a 120 pound woman with a 250 pound woman:

250 pound vs. 120 pound woman

The light yellow areas are fat. Note especially the huge deposits of fat in the abdomen around the internal organs in the 250 pound woman, as well as all the subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) . The black areas in many cases are air or gas spaces - note the lungs. Or liquid filled, as in the bladder. Note also the heart in the middle of the chest.

The white areas are bone. In descriptions I have read, people have asked why the 250 pound woman has what appear to be thinner leg bones. This apparently in an artifact of the slice chosen for the image. Imagine that she is lying down and we take a slice out of the middle of her body. That is what we are seeing. The slice went through thicker bone in the 120 pound woman.

Also notice the ankles of the 250 pound woman. Heavy people often have pronation problems because of the stress of the extra weight on the feet. See this article and this article for details

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