Fun facts about women - For example, women do NOT like beards

by | Apr 22, 2010 09:54 AM ET

Esquire magazine interviewed 10,000 women and uncovered some amazing stuff:

The Esquire Survey of the American Woman

Nearly ten thousand woman shared their politics, finances, sex lives, and knowledge of former college football coaches. The average age was 27.6. Seventy-two percent had at least a college degree. And all of them brought us a little closer to having some idea of what's going on in their heads.

Based on that paragraph, this is not a representative sample of American women. The average age of Americans is 35 and only 28% have a college degree.

There are several questions in here where 80% or 90% of women agree. For example:

- 92% of women prefer men with shaved or stubbled faces as opposed to beards.

- 81% of women would prefer to receive a trip as a gift, compared to jewelry or lingerie.

- 72% of women expect the man to open the door for them

- 89% of women would divorce Tiger Woods

- 89% believe in evolution

- 89% support gay marriage

It really is interesting. Clearly it is in men's interest to shave, remain faithful, open doors, understand evolution and give the gift of a trip.

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