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Fun facts about the iPod

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As this infographic points out, the iPhone is a phenomenon unto itself. It is also generating huge amounts of money:

Who is getting rich off the iPhone?

Several of the fun facts from this image:

1) “In the third quarter of 2009, Apple sold 5.2 million iPhones.” That’s in a recession. It implies 21 million phones per year.

2) It costs $178.96 to make a 16GB iPhone. The most expensive part is the part you see – the screen + touch overlay, for $35. The next most expensive part is the 16GB module, at $24.

3) Apple makes $199 when it sells the phone, and then receives $351 from AT&T.

4) So if Apple sells 21 million phones a year, and if Apple makes $550 when it sells one, that’s $11.55 billion per year.

One more fun fact – counterfeit iPhones are on the rise:

See also: How to Spot a Fake iPhone

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