DIY - How to carbonate your own water and save big bucks on club soda

by | Sep 17, 2010 03:50 PM ET

Carbonated water is the base of every carbonated beverage, from club soda to Pepsi. Because we normally buy all of our carbonated water in the store, it may seem like it is one of those factory-produced items that you can't make at home. But carbonated water is incredibly simple, and if you make it at home it costs next to nothing once you set up the equipment.

What you need to make carbonated water:

  1. A bottle
  2. Cold tap water (or filtered tap water)
  3. A way to pressurize the bottle with CO2 (usually a CO2 tank)

This video shows you the basic steps and equipment you need to make carbonated water in seconds:

How to make a carbonation cap using parts from the auto parts store:

If you want a slightly more professional solution, use a rig like this:

Where do you get the CO2 tank? This article explains the whole process:

Carbonating at Home

What if you want something more like a kitchen appliance that carbonates water? You may prefer the Soda Stream, although it makes things more expensive:

What if you just want to try it once, and you don't want to invest in a CO2 tank, regulator, etc.? Then you can make CO2 with vinegar and baking soda using a rig like this:

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