DIY - How to build a bedbug trap

by | Sep 28, 2010 06:37 AM ET

It feels like we are being bombarded by bedbug stories. Turn on the radio, open a magazine, walk by a TV and there is another new story about the bedbug invasion. Especially in big cities, and a lot of them are in hotels.

If you hear enough of these stories, you may get to the point where you are afraid of going to a hotel. You might also be worried that bedbugs are moving into your home. So what are you gonna do? How do you find out if you have bedbugs or not in your home or hotel room?

One thing you could do is build a bedbug trap. Any trap needs some bait, so what makes good bait for a bedbug? You can see the answer to that question in this video:

At the beginning of the video the bedbugs are completely inactive in the jars. But add a little warmth and carbon dioxide and the bedbugs go nuts. This makes bedbugs nearly identical to mosquitoes. If you had a mosquito magnet, it would probably work great at attracting bedbugs.

Mosquito magnets are pretty big and expensive, however. If you want to make an inexpensive trap, you need a cheaper, easier source of carbon dioxide. One possibility is dry ice, as shown here:

Two other techniques for detecting bedbugs involve tape and visual inspections as seen here:

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