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Design notebook #44 – Superyacht, Minihome, Times Square Makeover, Space Suit Designs, Submarines that fly and much more…

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1) Superyacht transforms into ‘pleasure submarine’

2) New Minihome Design From Sustain Is Wider, Roomier (Exclusive Photos)

3) “Cool Water, Hot Island” Winning Design for Times Square Makeover

4) Cool design ideas #2

5) Vitra Design Museum

6) The 10 Coolest Space Suit Designs

7) Dream Ball from Unplug Design

8 ) From sea to sky: Submarines that fly

9) Bad design:

10) Building Pharaoh’s Ship

11) Why Design-By-Committee Should Die

12) The Supersonic Green Machine: Nasa looks at futuristic jet designed to minimise sonic boom

13) Core77 speaks with Jonathan Ive on the design of the iPhone 4: Material Matters

14) How to make your web content look stunning on the iPhone 4’s new Retina display

15) The Labelless Home

16) Wind Farms Float Away from NIMBYism

17) chasing time wall clock never stops changing itself

18) Mad Men Season 4 – Interview with Costume Designer Janie Bryant

19) Feel and design are matters of preference; sharpness isn’t, and this is what you need to know when choosing one

20) The Best Designs of Q1 2010

21) Stunning Glass Faceted Office Wins Green Architecture Award

22) 50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers

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