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Design notebook #40 – Incredible Pencil Drawings, Original Lamp Designs, Home becomes design lab, Design of the World Cup ball and much more…

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1) Incredible Pencil Drawings of Animals That Look Like Photographs

2) Put The Light On! Original Lamp Designs.

3) Young Architects Buy Detroit Home for $500, Turn It into Design Lab

4) Live / Work House Plan in San Francisco for Modern Architect

5) How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer

6) The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car:

7) More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture

8 ) Megaproject may lead to tallest building outside Vancouver’s core

9) Great website effects that dont require flash

10) Brush Can, Cleans A Fine Toothed Comb

11) 22 Graphically Outstanding Website Designs

12) Portland Jewelry Designers Focus on Upcycling

13) WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger…

14) Players not happy with World Cup ball

15) 36 Stunning Blue Websites and Logo Designs

16) Enough with the fake vent bling!

17) 27 Best Photoshop Gadget Design Tutorials to Design Realistic Gadgets


19) Lingerie Designer Maayan Zilberman Makes Most Of Her Money From Baking Cake

20) Banksy, the anonymous British street artist, doesn’t “do” interviews.

21) Get Started With Photoshop – 15 Basic Detailed Guides

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