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Design corner #38 – New bus design for London, Visual recipes, Showreels, Giant wall stickers and much more…

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1) Mysterious Mirror Man Spotted in Los Angeles

2) Visual recipes

3) New bus design for London:

4) BAE Systems and Design Q unveil Explorer concepts

5) AfterEffects Showreels in Motion: Design Products

6) A DIY Web Design Education

7) The 80 Most Handsome + High Design Wall Stickers

8 ) 36 Creative Bottle Designs

9) 100 Amazing Business Card Designs

10) Sit Down and Go: Exercise Bike-Powered Laptop Desk

11) Director David Lynch Designs Tar-Covered Speakers

12) Package Design is new media

13) Breathe And Move Freely Underwater

14) Gear design:

15) Putting Customers in Charge of Design

16) Grid Systems in Design

17) Failed Antenna Design 101

18) Web Design for iPad – WTF or FTW?

19) A Marketing Approach to Gain More Clients

20) Design Review, 1977

21) NYS DMV reveals new license plate look

22) USCIS To Issue Redesigned Green Card

23) The Archigram Archival Project

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