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Design corner #25

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1) Catenna Clock

2) Pangolin bag | Fair trade urban design backpack

3) Rozetkus 3D power socket

4) Wanna-Reach Shelf System for Personal Home Use of Paraplegic People

5) CR&S DUU Concept is a mototerminator for the rest of us

6) Nokia in 2015:

7) Designing story-based games

8 ) Flash game development tutorials

9) Scientists Develop Intelligent Coffee Mug

10) The Design Evolution of Popular Websites

11) 10 Best Sites to Submit Design Links

12) Amazing 3D Calendar: Use All Dimensions in 2010

13) Engineering psychology and the Rape Steps

14) Creative and Interesting Tea Bag Designs

15) A Netflix Model for Haute Couture

16) New PC to encourage older users

17) 10 Inspirational Interviews for Designers

18 ) Contemporary Wall House in Seattle by Adams Mohler Ghillino

19) Six amazing car designs from the future

20) In Japan, Even the Barcodes Are Well Designed

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