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Design Corner #12

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1) Toronto student’s space colony design wins NASA contest

2) Art student’s car vanishing act

3) In Los Angeles, Art That’s Worth the Detour

4) Color Picker by Jinsun Park

5) Sound familiar? Apple launches a revolution – and then gets overtaken

6) 15 Oddest And Bizarrest Footwear Designs and Unusual and Creepy Shoes Design

7) Designers’ Pasta Pasts

8 ) New Level Of Eggshell Art By Franc Grom

9) 12 simple web sites

10) Life Gadget Design

11) Dache: Logo Design Process

12) Lofted Forest Home: Organic Curves & Natural Materials

13) Incredible Tattoo Inspired Art & Design by Scott Campbell Plus:

14) Game Developer Column 5: Sid’s Rules and 10 Game Design Process Pitfalls

15) 10 WordPress Themes That Dazzle With Unique Design

16) Creative Public Washroom Designs

17) The Ultimate Mac Setup for Web Designers (60 Apps)

18 ) Japanese artist designs biodegradable moss carpet for home

19) Artist’s Guide to Human Types

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