Creating the bomb-proof building

by | Nov 18, 2009 04:29 AM ET

Whether you are building a military structure, an office building or even a home, bomb-proofing is something to think about:

1) In a military setting you obviously have to worry about bombs on a daily basis

2) The Oklahoma City bombing (and many similar situations) show that office buildings can be hit by bombs

3) Homes (and any other buildings) in a hurricane-prone or tornado-prone area can experience bomb-like forces

So how would you create a bomb-proof building? You would start with the walls. This video shows a new bomb-proof wallpaper:

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X-Flex Blast Protection System

X-Flex bonds so tightly, it helps walls keep their shape after blast waves. Two layers are strong enough to stop a blunt object, like a flying 2x4, from knocking down drywall. During our tests, just a single layer kept a wrecking ball from smashing through a brick wall. The wallpaper's strength and ductility is derived from a layer of Kevlar-like material sandwiched by sheets of elastic polymer wrap.

X-Flex comes from Berry Plastics Corp.

There is also bomb-proof paint, as demonstrated here:

Polyurea Blast Mitigation

The video below is a "car bomb" test. It demontsrates a blast in the size, location and scop of an "average" car bomb. The video shows still photos of the coating operation using a composite material system and several grades and formulations of polyurea coatings.

Finally you have to protect the windows. As demonstrated here, special films can create bomb-proof windows:

More information: Armorcoat safety and security window film

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