Amazing Animated Optical Illusions - Plus, how to make your own

by | Dec 15, 2009 12:00 AM ET

The video is entitled "Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!", and they are amazing. With a static image and a movable grating, you can create simple animations:

This book is mentioned in the video's description:

Magic Moving Images

There is a series of children's books that takes advantage of the technique. The book Gallop! is seen here:

Here is a video that explains how to make these animations yourself, and how they work:

You can see that the technique involves hiding the unused frames of the animation behind the black bars in the grid. Seems like the technique would be perfect for cheap animated outdoor advertising displays, but the black bars tend to make the image pretty dark. Opaque white bars might improve the contrast.

One name given to the technique is "Scanimations". Here is a piece of software that helps with scanimation creation:

Scanimation Creation

Apparently the software can be hard to find. This is one listed source from Reddit: A Google search for that file name may also yield results.

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